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Diesel generator controller

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Diesel generator controller

The Generator controller is the core of the Generator, the equivalent of the human brain.Standard is defined as: according to the predetermined order change of main circuit and control circuit wiring and electrical resistance change circuit to control the start of the generator, speed, braking and reverse the main unit.By the program counter, instruction register and instruction decoder, timing generator and operation controller, it is a command decision-making body, coordination and command to complete the operation of the entire computer system controls the overall operation of the generator set.

Technology principle

On a generator can be divided into two parts - control unit and perform parts.Generator controller is the control unit and the arithmetic unit, memory, peripheral equipment, is perform component relative to the controller.A contact control unit and perform parts through the line of control.Control unit through the line of control to perform component of various control commands, the control command is called micro command, usually perform component and accept after micro command execution, the operation is known as micro operations.Between control unit and perform parts of another kind of contact is the feedback information.Execution parts through feedback line to control parts reflects the operating situation, in order to make the control unit according to the state of execution parts to new orders, this is also called the state test.Micro operations in the execution unit is the basic set of operations.Due to the structure of the data path, micro operations can be divided into two kinds of, compatibility and receptivity.

In a CPU of the machine cycle, a group to achieve a certain operation function of micro command combination, constitute a micro instruction.General microinstruction format consisting of operation control and sequence control.Operation control part used to signal management and command control of the whole machine working.The order control part used to determine the next microinstruction address.In fact the function of a single machine instruction is made up of many micro instruction sequence.The micro instruction sequences are usually called microprogram.Since the microprogram is consists of micro instruction, so when the execution of the current a micro instruction.It must be noted that the subsequent microinstruction address, so that the current a micro instruction execution is completed, remove a micro instruction execution.

Special function of

Receive and identify command: CPU can send a number of different commands to the controller, the equipment controller should be able to receive and identify these commands.Therefore, in the controller should have corresponding control register, used to store the received command and parameters, and decoding for the received command.Disk controller can receive the CPU, for example, Read, Write, and the Format of the article 15 different commands, and some command with parameters;Accordingly, in the disk controller has multiple registers and command decoder, etc.

Address recognition: just like the memory of each unit has an address, each device in the system also has an address, and device controller must be able to identify it controlled by the address of each device.In addition, in order to make the CPU to (or from) to write (or read) register data, these registers should be has a unique address.

There are two due to the controller design method and structure are also different.Micro operations refers to the operation, and decomposition of micro operations always need the corresponding control signal (called micro control signal or micro operation command).

Data buffer: due to the low rate of I/O devices and the rate of CPU and memory is very high, so you must set up a buffer in the controller.In the output, with the high-speed data from the buffer staged by the host, and then to the rate at which I/O devices have to transfer the data in the buffer to the I/O devices;When the input buffer is used for temporary data from I/O devices, after being received a batch of data, then the data in the buffer and transmitted to the host at a high speed.

Error control: device controller is in charge of by I/O device transmits the data error detection.If discover error has occurred in the transfer of, usually to setting the error detection code, and report to the CPU, so the CPU will transfer to the time of invalid data, and to transmit at a time.This can ensure the correctness of the data input.

Status: identify and report the status of equipment controller should take down the state of the equipment for the CPU.For example, only send when the device is in the ready state, the CPU can start controller read data from the device.To this end, a status register shall be set up in the controller, with each one of them to reflect the device of a certain state.When the CPU reads the contents of the register, you can understand the status of the device.

Data exchange: this refers to between the CPU and controller, data exchange between the controller and equipment.For the former, is through a data bus, the data to the controller by the CPU in parallel, or parallel to read data from the controller;Is equipment for the latter, the data input to the controller, or from the controller to the equipment.Therefore, in the controller must set the data register.

Leasing industry applications: management provides the perfect solution two leased out through PC remote management unit, to monitor all operation parameters (pressure, temperature, voltage, current, power, etc.), may at any time change the configuration in order to protect the unit by improper application, can record 200 article detailed fault information, including: the fault time, reason, at the time of voltage, current, power, oil pressure, water temperature and other key parameters, and can be uploaded to the monitoring machine at any time.Another item multilevel password management for lease management;

Fire pump industry applications: close the electric parameter measurement, using a powerful programmable input/output ports and internal programmable logic to realize automation of water pump control system.Instead of the traditional PLC + simple way of diesel engine controller.Make the system more stable and reliable;

Air compressor industry applications: shut down voltage measurement protection, according to the need to configure the programmable analog input, using overload protection, cooperate with programmable digital input, complete the start control, temperature and pressure control, protection of parameter Settings, and so on.

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