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Diesel generator intelligent controller

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Diesel generator intelligent controller

Intelligent cloud controller is set up on the Internet of things technology is a new type of generating set controller, it USES a new type of cloud controller as the master control system.Using 32-bit microprocessor technology to realize automatic generating set the starting/stopping, various parameters precision measurement, alarm protection and "three remote" function.It can on the terminal equipment such as mobile phone or computer to realize remote monitoring and control, fault diagnosis, failure prevention, health examination, early operation data records, and other functions, is a good choice for some unmanned intelligent, automated demand situation, but also both reduce customer maintenance cost, enhancing the Ann was reliable.

Produce presentation

LXC6110E series power station automation controller used for a single diesel generating sets automation and monitoring system, using 32-bit microprocessor technology, the realization of generating set automatic starting/stopping, various parameters precision measurement, alarm, protection and the "three remote" function.Big screen LCD controller USES a (240 * 128 LCD) graphic display, under a page can show that almost all of the important parameters, dispense pages.At the same time can show Chinese, English and other languages, all parameters can be adjusted from the controller panel, also can use PC through USB, RS485 and GPRS remote adjusting and monitoring.Its compact structure, simple connection, high reliability, can be widely used in various types of generating set automation system, can also be used for fire pump, air compressor of automation control system.

Product characteristics

Custom boot interface functions

Allows the user to choose according to their own needs boot interface, change into your own LOGO and company name, contact phone number, etc., a better brand, also reveal the company's honor.

Custom maintenance reminder functions

Users in the use of the unit in the process, usually do not deliberately to remember maintenance cycle of the unit, it will shorten the life of the unit, the failure rate increases, in line with the generator also enjoy the healthy concept of life, in this upgrade, force ksetra-ksetrajna added three custom maintenance for everybody to remind function,

Manufacturers can also set the 1st level maintenance according to the different maintenance level, level 2 maintenance, 3rd level maintenance.

Not only can the maintenance reminder according to the operation of the engine maintenance cycle time calculation, can also according to the longest place maintenance cycle time calculation, with double insurance to ensure the healthy operation of the unit.

The average load rate

Let your customers know, units in the daily operation of the average load rate, avoid load rate is too high to reduce service life.

The average load rate = the crew operation capacity/unit (the running time, idle time) X 100%

The installment payment service

Parameter setting function: allows the user to change the parameters setting, within the memory block in the internal EEPROM memory at the same time, also is not lost in when the system is powered off.Almost all the parameters can be adjusted from the controller front panel, all the parameters can be used to PC through USB interface, and can be adjusted using PC via RS485 interface;

With functions of SMS, when generating set alarm automatically alarm to five set phone number to send information, also can pass
SMS to control the generating set and refer to state of generator set.With advanced iot function, through GPRS mobile network and Internet connectivity, in any place can remote monitoring network;(need to install the GPRS module: LXI680)

Suitable for three phase four wire, three-phase three-wire, single phase 2 lines, two phase three lines (v) 120/240 50/60 hz power supply system;

The acquisition and display/electric power three-phase voltage, three-phase current, phase sequence, frequency, active power, reactive power, power factor, electric power, the engine of the sensor data, and other functions.

Technology value

Using three different WIFI connection, unlimited Internet presence, unlimited geographic borders, any places and conditions can achieve data transmission.

The first kind of connection mode: in the application environment itself with wi-fi networks, cloud controller directly connected to the WIFI network, WIFI network between generator and cloud servers to establish real-time communication pipeline, real-time remote monitoring and control.

The second mode of connection: no WIFI in the application environment, but has a mobile phone networks, via mobile phone share the WIFI, also realize real-time remote monitoring, but usually for more for health inspection and remote fault diagnosis

The third kind of mode of connection: no WIFI in the application environment, no mobile phones network, through the APP to save the cloud controller of 7 kinds of data (can run 24 hours to save half a year) to save to the handset, until the phone to have WIFI or Internet environment, and will save the data to the cloud server, realize the remote fault diagnosis and fault early warning, early health check

The black box patent technology

Principle: there is a small cache in our controller, designed to cache the latest data from tens of seconds, to monitor when a failure occurs, immediately will cache the data saved to the internal mass storage, at the same time also packaged these data to the cloud server, realize the black box recording function.When we use cell phones or PC terminal access thee data to the server, you can like to play video reproduce all the data before failure for a period of time

Early failure prevention technology

In addition to the controller type monitoring threshold warning, also through the cloud server more than 230 built-in faults in the model, and intelligent fuzzy algorithm, complex fault diagnosis, implementation health monitoring.

Reduce the user cost

Don't have to ask professional personage to inspect the unit service per month, checkup directly by computer, a year of inspection service number can be increased from 12 times unlimited time, check of the professional degree is higher than the traditional artificial way.

When the unit fails, through professional remote fault diagnosis and analysis of the cause of the problem, avoid is undesirable businessman excessive maintenance or incorrect maintenance unit

Maintenance method

Diesel generators need regular maintenance, to better use, below summarizes some commonly used maintenance method for everyone

Check the water and oil level once a day;

Clean up once a day on external surface of the unit and room environment

Check once a week if the battery power is normal

Diesel generator set monthly maintenance

Clean up the external surface of the unit

Check whether the speed regulation system of rod flexible, lubrication each connection point

Measured before and after the replacement of cooling water, change the PH (normal is 7.5-9), and completes the measurement records, if necessary, coagulant dosage process (notice the coordinated) of water treatment industry

Check the fan belt and the degree of charging machine belt tensioning, necessary adjustments

Emergency of work with electric power test, check each meter reading of the diesel engine is running and temperature, the volume is normal, and do a good job in running record.

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