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Diesel generator intelligent cloud controller

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Diesel generator intelligent cloud controller

Intelligent cloud controller can be directly connected to cloud services generator controller, no longer depend on the data collector.Cloud controller used in single diesel generating sets automation and monitoring system, using 32-bit microprocessor technology, the realization of generating set automatic starting/stopping, various parameters precision measurement, alarm, protection function, through the built-in wireless communication module and a mobile phone, which can be connected to the cloud server anywhere in the world, realize the remote monitoring of the unit, health examination, early failure prevention, remote fault diagnosis and other services.Controller with high precision electronic components.Its modelling is novel, simple, small volume, quick installation, good dielectric performance, protection and reliable performance, operation can be realized on the terminal equipment sucA as mobile phone or computer remote monitoring and control, fault diagnosis, failure prevention, health examination, early operation data records, and other functions, is a good choice for some unmanned intelligent, automation needs.

The difference between the cloud controller and general controller

Ordinary controller

Only the basic information of the monitoring unit

When the unit fails, unable to get the specific data fault occurs

Can only collect the basic information of the unit to intelligent analysis

Provide historical data record, need artificial seeking information available in a large amount of data for analysis

Health cloud focus is to solve the manufacturer's after-sales service, from the early stages of remote fault diagnosis and fault early warning, health inspection and after-sales service management, at the same time as manufacturers and users bring value unit


The difference between health cloud controller

Drop monitoring unit basic information, but also a more comprehensive monitoring, such as the excitation voltage, bridge output voltage, bearing temperature, winding temperature, etc.A more comprehensive monitoring for better check the health status of the unit

When the malfunction of the unit by black patent technology and more comprehensive data monitoring, replay every second information before failure occurs,

Through the graph, show the failure for the technical staff of 18 seconds before every moment.

Intelligent capture and analyze data, health check report every Monday, the health of the real time control unit, according to health to do maintenance, keep the unit stable operation, prolonging the life of the generator set, don't need to ask professional health checks every month, save maintenance costs,

Through the cloud server built more than 230 fault model, fuzzy reasoning, complex fault diagnosis, health monitoring and early fault prevention.

Intelligent high-tech technology

The black box patent technology

Principle: there is a small cache in our controller, designed to cache the latest data from tens of seconds, to monitor when a failure occurs, immediately will cache the data saved to the internal mass storage, at the same time also packaged these data to the cloud server, realize the black box recording function.When we use cell phones or PC terminal access thee data to the server, you can like to play video reproduce all the data before failure for a period of time

High-speed data acquisition

At a speed of more than once per second high-speed data acquisition data of fault happened some time ago, really realize the remote fault diagnosis

Highlight the intelligent data fetching

Intelligent fetching want data: in addition to the basic connection, can also according to the requirements of the scenario, intelligence initiative to grab can meet the demand of scene data.Example: when you want to grab the starter activity reduces the how many V battery voltage, power ksetra-ksetrajna cloud by cats and generating sets of high-speed access, once detected units are starting, immediately after get the current battery voltage drop and packaging to the cloud server.


Using three different WIFI connection, unlimited Internet presence, unlimited geographic borders, any places and conditions can achieve data transmission.

The first kind of connection mode: in the application environment itself with wi-fi networks, cloud controller directly connected to the WIFI network, WIFI network between generator and cloud servers to establish real-time communication pipeline, real-time remote monitoring and control.

The second mode of connection: no WIFI in the application environment, but has a mobile phone networks, via mobile phone share the WIFI, also realize real-time remote monitoring, but usually for more for health inspection and remote fault diagnosis

The third kind of mode of connection: no WIFI in the application environment, no mobile phones network, through the APP to save the cloud controller of 7 kinds of data (can run 24 hours to save half a year) to save to the handset, until the phone to have WIFI or Internet environment, and will save the data to the cloud server, realize the remote fault diagnosis and fault early warning, early health check

Early failure prevention technology

In addition to the controller type monitoring threshold warning, also through the cloud server more than 230 built-in faults in the model, and intelligent fuzzy algorithm, complex fault diagnosis, implementation health monitoring.

To improve the reliability of the unit

Unit for early fault diagnosis by computer, health examination, discover potential faults in time, ahead of time to maintain and improve the reliability of unit operation, reduce the operation of the risk of failure

The application prospect of

Improve the quality of after-sales service, quickly solve the problem of the user.Concrete, through the remote fault diagnosis, quickly find problems, timely solve some problems caused by the user will not use or, as well as to provide emergency solutions

Reduce service costs: avoid excessive travel service, specific, avoid the user on a business trip, the problem of improper use or not use in the user's help, to solve some simple fault.

Secondary accessories sales: through maintenance to remind users, it is recommended to use original parts, realize the secondary accessories sales and service.

Improve the reliability of the unit: by the early fault early warning, health examination, discover the potential failure, and maintenance in advance, improve the reliability of unit operation, reduce the operation of the risk of failure.

Users to reduce costs, don't have to ask professional personage to check service per month, a number of years of service can be reduced from 12 to 3 to 4 times, check of the professional degree is higher because all is to use the original bear detection.

To optimize the design of the product: data through the use of a large number of users, and found that the design of the machine, continuous optimization design, improve the performance of the unit.


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