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Diesel intelligent generator set

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Diesel intelligent generator set

Power plant is to other forms of energy into electricity of complete sets of mechanical equipment, by the power system, control system, sound system, suspension system, exhaust system, consists of turbine, steam turbine, diesel engine or other power mechanical drive drive, will flow, air flow, fuel combustion or nuclear fission energy into mechanical energy to generator, is converted to electricity by a generator, the output to use electrical equipment.Generators in industrial and agricultural production, national defense, science and technology and has been widely used in daily life.As the technology progress in recent years, as a family emergency power and field trip power quality selection, lightweight portable small generating set also begin to enter People's Daily life.

structural analysis

Generators are usually made of stator and rotor, end cover and bearing components.By the stator core, stator line winding, stand and fixed the parts of other structures.Rotor by the rotor core (or a magnetic pole, the conjugate) winding, retaining rings, center ring and slide bad, fan and shaft parts.By bearing and end cover of generator stator and rotor connected together, can make the rotor spinning in the stator, do the exercise cutting lines, thus induced potential, through terminal lead, in the circuit, the electric current is produced.

A normal diesel generating set is mainly composed of diesel engine, generator and control system of three parts, diesel engine and generator has two kinds of connection mode, a flexible connection, which even the axis machine the two parts of docking, secondly, rigid connection, the generator with high strength bolt connection rigidity and diesel engines can be connected with the fly wheel, on the market of diesel generator set using some of the more rigid connection, diesel engine and generator connected after installed on the chassis, deserve to go up and then protective sensor, such as water temperature sensor, through the sensor, intuitively to display the running condition of diesel engine to the operator, and with these sensors, you can set a limit, when reach or exceed the limit control system will alarm in advance, this time if the operator did not take measures to control system will automatically stop unit, diesel generating sets is to take the way of self protection.Sensors act as received and feedback all kinds of information, the real show these data and perform the protection function is diesel generator set control system, control panel installed on the generator, called a backpack type control panel, also has a part is independent of a screen placed in the operating room, known as fission type control panel, control panel through the cable connection and generator and sensor, according to electric and diesel engine running parameters, respectively.In addition, the generating set and chassis, coupling, radiator, fuel tank, and some still hold muffler

The basic principle of diesel generator

In diesel engine cylinder, after air filter to filter the clean air and nozzle jet of high pressure atomized diesel hybrid, under the extrusion of the piston upward, shrinkage, temperature rise rapidly, to achieve the diesel ignition point.Diesel was lit, intense combustion gas mixture, the volume rapidly expand, pushing the piston downward, known as "work".Each cylinder in a certain sequence work, effect on the piston thrust through connecting rod into promoting the power of the crankshaft, so as to drive the crankshaft rotation.The brushless synchronous ac generator and diesel engine crankshaft coaxial installation, can use the rotation of the diesel engine to drive the generator rotor, using the 'electromagnetic induction principle, the generator will output induction electromotive force, the closed load circuit will generate an electric current.Here only describe generator set the basic working principle.To want to use, stable power output, also need a series of diesel engine and generator control and protection devices and circuits.

The new generator set

Diesel generating set is a complex system, the system consists of a diesel engine, the power supply system, cooling system, startup system, generators, the excitation control system, protection unit, the electronic control unit, communication system, main control system.Engine, fuel supply system, cooling system, startup system, the generator can be unified as mechanical part of the diesel generator set.The excitation controller, protect the controller, electric control system, communication system, main control system can be referred to as control part of the diesel generator set

Diesel engine power generation system of diesel engine, the fuel supply system, cooling system, startup system and a synchronous brushless generator assembly.Diesel engine is the core of the whole power system dynamics, the first level of diesel generator set is the energy conversion device that converts chemical energy into mechanical energy of key equipment.Mainly consists of diesel engine and its parts: collective component and crankshaft connecting rod mechanism, distribution mechanism and the inlet and exhaust system, supply system of diesel engine, cooling system, lubricating system, starting and electrical system, supercharging system.

Operation processing

Generator after running for a period of time, to do regular check, row unit every six to eight hours should be checked, the standby unit after downtime to check it again, check the parts can be the following several aspects: lubricating oil sludge, air filter clogging indicator, cooling fluid level, radiators and external ventilation conditions, the engine drive belt group, fuel oil supply situation, etc.Generator set runs every 50 hours later, to discharge water in oil-water separator and check the start-up battery electrolytic liquid level;New units 200-300 hours after the operation, must check valve clearance and check the fuel injector: generating set for every 400 hours after operation, need to check and adjust the transmission belt, be replaced when necessary, check the silt content in fuel tank cleaning radiator chips and emissions;Every running 600 hours, or at least every 12 months, need to replace lubricating oil and lubricating oil filter;Set the frequency of the oil change period, depending on the quality of the lubricating oil and fuel sulfur content and generating set lubricating oil consumption of different and different, each running 800 hours, you want to change and fuel filter, oil-water separator check turbocharger leak, check the air inlet pipeline leaks, check and cleaning fuel pipe;Every 1200 hours after operation, adjust the valve clearance;Every 2000 hours after operation, replace the air filter and cooling fluid, thoroughly clean the tank radiator chip and channel;Every 2400 hours after operation, check the fuel injector, wash the turbocharger overhaul, overhaul engine equipment.

Matters needing attention

Warning signs and signage

On all of our engines have some about safety signs.Will you please take some time to go to the location of the familiar with the safety standards and content.

At the scene of the installation of all safety standards should be clearly visible, if can't see words and drawings, should be scrubbed and replacement.Wash cloth should be used when the sign, the water and soap.Do not use solvents or gasoline, etc, these solvents and lax logo for gasoline adhesive material, make the standard.

If the sign is damaged, lost and can't see, you should have to choose another one.

The user to read and understand the instructions in the operation and maintenance manual and warning before, are not allowed to work on the engine and the engine operation.In accordance with the instructions to do or not ignore warning can cause generator damage or personal injury accidents.

Before in generator set maintenance or repairs, should be on the start switch or lever suspension - "no operation" or a similar warning signs.

When maintenance or repair of generating set is close to the engine does not allow unauthorized personnel.And generating set control panel of the emergency stop button, the generator output switch should be OFF (OFF) position.

According to the needs of working conditions, into the generator set installation site should put on the helmet, wear protective clothing should be worn when needed protection in the eyes and other protective supplies.

If in a sealed when you operate the engine should wear ear protection device, in case of damage to hearing

Job site don't wear too hypertrophy of protective clothing and jewellery, these may be hung on a joystick or other engine parts.

Confirm all the protection or cover fixed in position on the engine

Be careful when using all cleaning agents.Don't put maintenance solution in the glass container, because the glass containers are damaged.

Don't try to repair things they don't understand, don't use you don't know that how to use the tools or equipment.

Unless otherwise specified, all of maintenance project should undertake the following actions

Stop the engine operation, when the engine is running don't to repair or adjust the engine body engine driven equipment

Hang on generator set warning sign, pressed the emergency switch of generator set.

Disconnect the start-up battery before for maintenance of electrical systems

Do not repair anything you don't understand.

Use the right tools to replace or repair the damaged equipment

Only allowed on the generator set control panel to start or stop the engine.Must not be short to start the motor terminal or battery, because the current can bypass engine neutral - start system, damage the electrical system.

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