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Generator health cloud platform

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Generator health cloud platform

Generator health cloud profile

Generators cloud service system to provide a kind of can in failure moment comprehensive generating set various data of patent technology, such as: generator excitation regulator output voltage acquisition, engine speed to adjust the driving voltage acquisition, the fuel oil data collection, and generating set surrounding auxiliary data acquisition of electric control device.But also must be able to more than 2 times per second rate rapid data acquisition and monitoring of the unit, when found fault alarm information, quickly save all the field data, and a feature of the packet to the cloud server for the diagnosis of the cause of the problem;When found in the normal operation of the generator set in line with the performance analysis of the characteristics of the data, save quickly in recent 10 ~ 20 seconds the speed, power, voltage, power current data and a feature of the packet to the cloud server for performance analysis and calculation

The health function of cloud

 real-time monitoring and recording equipment

High speed data fault scenarios

Automatic statistics report and health report of equipment operation

Generator fault alarm notice in a timely manner

Analysis of the data found in the early fault in time

According to the usage for maintenance reminder


The actual case

Puerto Rico communications operators

Mountainous and hilly North America Puerto Rico and islands, communication base stations widely distributed, especially affected by the hurricane, base often retreat, utilization rate is low, a lot of base oil machine still use the traditional management mode, maintenance cost is very high, and low efficiency, the local operators on the generator maintenance and management for every year pay a huge cost.Operators to Puerto Rico Aeronet Wireless Broadband began in March 2016 from the order for 2 sets of trial, after three months probation, very pleased with our products, formally signed with us on July 500, others include: LXC7921 oil machine remote controller, LXC680G Wireless data transmission equipment, as well as the server and the monitoring platform.


Guangdong zhanjiang mobile company

Guangdong zhanjiang is located in the coast, is the typhoon prone areas, wind is very big, mains supply will often damaged, a direct impact on the power supply of base station, so we must make the pledge that we shall base station generator in good state standby at any time, ensure the power supply base.

Mobile base station oil machine improvement project in zhanjiang, we provides 212 sets of generator intelligent remote monitoring terminal, including a complete set of control box, first class and second class lightning protection module, etc.


Service Management System

A province again - to reduce the user cost

Save the generator set inspection fee

Through self health examination, each unit can save at least 5000 yuan of above inspection fee each year.Don't need to please the teacher to do routine check.

Avoid excessive maintenance unit

Need maintenance unit is in failure, through the fault diagnosis, do it "knows", avoid excessive maintenance.

Reduce the indirect economic loss:

Unit failure, through the remote fault diagnosis, quickly solve the problem of fault, reduce the indirect economic loss caused by failure.

Implementation secondary accessories sales - maintenance reminder

 through health examination, found that users early failure of the unit in time, to remind the user to do maintenance.It is recommended to use original parts, the realization of the secondary parts and service sales.

Through the part life cycle management, timely remind consumer to do maintenance.It is recommended to use original parts, the realization of the secondary parts and service sales.

Lowering the cost of after-sales service to improve after-sales service

Reduce the service cost:

Patent of remote fault diagnosis technology is adopted to avoid excessive travel services and the problem caused by user error operation or improper operation and business, and even can with the help of the user, directly remote solve some fault.

Improve the quality of after-sale service:

Unit failure, through the remote fault diagnosis, quickly find the cause of the problem, and inform the recent maintenance (maintenance workers to repair, fast and accurate fault solution.

For example: when the generator set start failure problems, manufacturers and technical personnel through the PC or mobile phone APP, quickly check user unit in the process of starting failure every second data (with the fault diagnosis of the demo APP), such as: the boot process speed is how much?The oil pressure to achieve?The battery voltage reduce how much?How much is the charge of mechanical and electronic pressure....Technical personnel through the data can be easily remote some troubleshooting, for some simple failure or user improper use, can be solved quickly.

At any time tracking after-sale - after-sales service process management

By mobile phone APP to provide after-sales service process management, the post-sale service and personnel management into the process node post-sale clothing

Management system, the real-time update progress, improve the service quality, reduce the service cost.

Special industry application

Application in oilfield

 automatically generated report records

Avoid the load operation

Real-time monitoring unit

Real-time fault alarm

The early failure prevention


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