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Diesel generator set automation controller system

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Diesel generator set automation controller system


Diesel generator set automation controller system adopts adopts the high-performance microprocessors and industrial-grade components manufacturing, has a modular design, reliable performance and convenient operation etc., can provide backup power function.Controller can be real-time monitoring of oil machine working state and the realization of the automatic start and stop of diesel generator set, also provide all kinds of automatic protection function, oil machine failure, the panel light alarm, and can automatically stop the machine run, guarantee the security and stability of diesel engine.

Controller provides remote centralized monitoring functions, users can use communication port connected to the PC or use Hayes Modem dial-up connection to remote monitoring controller work.

LXC6610 power station automation controller used in single diesel generating sets automation and monitoring system, using 32-bit microprocessor technology, implementation of generating set automatic starting/stopping, various parameters precision measurement, alarm, protection and the "three remote" function.Big screen LCD controller USES a (240 * 128 LCD) graphic display, under a page can show that almost all of the important parameters, dispense pages.At the same time can show Chinese, English and other languages, all parameters can be adjusted from the controller panel, also can use PC through USB, RS232 or GPRS remote adjusting and monitoring.Its compact structure, simple connection, high reliability, can be widely used in various types of generating set automation system, can also be used for fire pump, air compressor of automation control system.


Control the diesel generator set start and stop automatically

Fault protection stop function, 14 kinds of fault detection

Interface using Chinese and English

Delay parameter values can be set up

Can set the system parameter values

Can be set up on analog alarm, the lower limit, the alarm value, downtime

Provide forecast alarm and alarm function

Display and light alarm

With the optional remote control function

Automatically record and display the total run time oil machine

Provide monitoring software, can automatically save fault record

Communication software remote modify the controller parameter value

Fault protection function

The alarm/outage protection function

For example: when the oil machine voltage is higher than "the alarm limit", warning lights, "overrun" voltage delay start, after the delay, if the voltage value is still not back to normal, the oil machine stop immediately, "fault" lights up, the LCD screen shows "high voltage breakdown.

Forecast alarm function: controller for part of analog parameters provides a forecast warning function, namely analog current value between the alarm value and downtime, oil to the alarm, "alarm" light on the front panel, indicating this: when values more than down, start the corresponding fault delay, after the delay, if you do not return to normal value range, will result in a failure, the oil machine was forced to stop immediately.

For example: when the oil pressure is lower than the "alarm value", on the front panel "alarm" light, if oil pressure to reduce stop values, the "low oil pressure" after the delay, delay, if the oil pressure is still not back to normal, will produce a "low oil pressure failure" oil machine stop immediately.

The remote monitoring function

The remote monitoring and controller

 no matter anywhere in the world, as long as there is network, can use mobile phone or PC computer remote monitoring the operation of the generator set data, control the operation of generating set

In addition to basic information monitoring unit, but also can monitor the excitation voltage, electric adjustable output voltage, bearing temperature, winding temperature, etc.A more comprehensive monitoring for accurately check the health status of the unit


Mobile terminal remote monitoring

 Use the camera embedded technology, can clearly see the cloud generator in remote site environment, avoid accidental operation risk events

Generator running state of real-time dynamic data display, clear understanding of the current generator running state

Each detail data real-time display engine, engine real-time running is normal.

Real-time display various detailed data generator, to understand whether the parameters of the generator in the normal range.

Improve reliability - health monitoring unit

Health check report every Monday

Through powerful intelligent data fetching patent technology, grab the motor starting before and after the battery voltage, no-load voltage and speed for 10 seconds, excitation voltage, the electric adjustable output voltage, bearing temperature, etc, the automatic analysis of the data and generate a health check report every week, realize the health examination and early failure prevention, allows users to make maintenance, according to health guarantee the stable operation of the unit, prolong the life of generator set.

Quickly solve the problem of fault - black patent technology

Unit fails, the manufacturer directly through the cloud server for 18 seconds of black, technical personnel to analyze data, remote fault diagnosis, reduced for fault situation of communication between manufacturers and users, quick analysis the cause of the problem, solve the problem

Matters needing attention

Output by inductive load (such as relay), must add in an external circuit current absorbing circuit, otherwise will affect the normal work of the controller.

In general, when installed debugging need to modify the parameters mainly include: load three phase current, power of alarm and stop values, battery voltage, the lower limit, the gear teeth, the CT (current transformer) ratio, oil supply mode

Load current external connection with a soft line of 1.5 m , the remaining attachment 1 m cord can be used.

Please start-up battery capacity properly connected power supply port, if find no display after controller, electric, please first check the power supply (+), (-) whether meet the, incorrect connection may cause burning controller

And the quantity of oil pressure sensors, temperature sensors switch simulation after the may cause module by this machine or start output is not normal.

"Factory Settings" in the system parameters can be all of the analog parameters, time delay and system restore to factory default, including analog calibration value.

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