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Remote monitoring fault diagnosis scheme of cloud generator

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Remote monitoring fault diagnosis scheme of cloud generator


Generating set as power source, shoulders the traction motor locomotive auxiliary, control of electric power supply and power supply.For safe and reliable operation of the generating set of the implementation to inspect and control the running status of the unit is particularly shall, during the unit operation, monitoring and control system for unit necessary state of operation parameters, the real-time detection, and show the reference number of detected;System in abnormal running parameters, can send out alarm signal operator take necessary measures, within the prescribed time, the fault not eliminate, output automatic stop signals provide downtime master control mechanism, to ensure the safety of the unit

Cloud generator set is on the basis of conventional generators, through its powerful network connection function, use different ways to connect to the vendor's cloud server, and then through the cloud server has powerful data analysis ability, for the unit fault early warning, information management, remote fault diagnosis and the after-sale service of process management, etc.Equivalent to the ordinary units, on the basis of extension (connection) a powerful brain.

The advantage of the cloud generator

The remote monitoring and control

In addition to basic information monitoring unit, but also can monitor the excitation voltage, electric adjustable output voltage, bearing temperature, winding temperature, etc.A more comprehensive monitoring for accurately check the health status of the unit

Mobile terminal remote monitoring

USES the camera embedded technology, can clearly see the cloud generator in remote site environment, avoid accidental operation risk events

Generator running state of real-time dynamic data display, clear understanding of the current generator running state.

Each detail data real-time display engine, engine real-time running is normal

Real-time display various detailed data generator, to understand whether the parameters of the generator in the normal range.


Remote fault diagnosis

The black box patent technology - represent the failure to realize remote fault diagnosis on site

Example: when the generator set start failure problems, manufacturers and technical personnel through the PC or cell phone APP, quickly check user unit in the process of starting failure every second data (with the fault diagnosis of the demo APP), such as: the boot process speed is how much?The oil pressure to achieve?The battery voltage reduce how much?How much is the charge of mechanical and electronic pressure....Technical personnel through the data can be easily remote some troubleshooting, for some simple failure or user improper use, can be solved quickly.

Through the remote fault diagnosis, reducing for fault situation of communication between manufacturers and users, manufacturers directly through the cloud server get 18 seconds of black box, rapid analysis of the cause of the problem, rapid troubleshooting, reduce after-sales service costs, improve service efficiency and quality.


Mobile terminal remote fault diagnosis display

No matter when and where, after-sales service for users with mobile phones can remote fault diagnosis, guide users to exclude simple fault.Record every second moment before failure data, include: engine, generator data, load data, I/O port state, to observe which parameters will do

The Early fault prevention

Through the cloud server built in more than 130 fault model, fuzzy reasoning, discover the early failure of various complex, improve the reliability of the unit.And can be controlled by continuously increase cloud server failure model of the knowledge, achieve the infinite extension diagnosis ability.


Cloud generator

Can not only collect the basic parameters according to user's requirements, you can also collect self-diagnosis required parameters (including: the excitation voltage, electric adjustable output voltage, black box fault record, the battery voltage in the process of starting, continuous no-load voltage and speed of 10 seconds), through the analysis of the data cloud server, as a unit for health examination, early found that complicated fault, and a variety of ways to remind the user completes the maintenance work, including SMS, APP notifications.

Automatically through the network to connect to the cloud server, and then through the cloud server built-in fault diagnosis procedure, fault diagnosis for the unit.And can be controlled by continuously increase cloud server failure model of the knowledge, achieve the infinite extension diagnosis ability.

Automatically using the information collected, including: boot time, stop time, run time degree, power generation, the causes for the downtime.A preset time interval (30 seconds - 10 minutes), record all the data in the operation, the formation of historical records on the server, and automatically generates a line chart, be clear at a glance.

Through parts of life cycle management, to provide users with detailed maintenance remind content, including: part Numbers, parts name, parts supplier information such as name, contact information, price.

General generator

To gather the basic parameters according to user's requirements (not acquisition parameters needed for the maintenance), and then according to the threshold judgment, fault alarm on the unit controller.

Without fault self diagnosis function, when a failure occurs, users need for maintenance on their own master, door-to-door inspection maintenance

Need to manual record use information, is missing.Historical track records, need artificial records, hard to do detailed records and icon display.

Only the simple maintenance reminder, no contact with content and services

Generator set maintenance way 

Generating set routine maintenance

Daily check the water level, oil level again

Clean up once a day on external surface of the unit and room environment

Check once a week the amount of storage battery is normal

Generating set monthly maintenance

Clean up the external surface of the unit

Check whether the speed regulation system of rod flexible, lubrication each connection point

Measured before and after the replacement of cooling water, change the PH (normal is 7.5-9), and completes the measurement records, coagulant dosage process when necessary (notice the coordinated) of water treatment industry

Check the fan belt and the degree of charging machine belt tensioning, necessary adjustments

Emergency of work with electric power test, check each meter reading of the diesel engine is running and temperature, the volume is normal, and do a good job in running record.

Generating set quarterly maintenance

Check the air flow resistance indicator, displaying red, clean air filter

Release diesel water, cleaning the first-level diesel filter

Need to pay attention to lubrication fan pulley and belt tension wheel bearings

Check the mechanical overspeed protection device lubricating oil, when the gas

Check the external main connection bolt fastening

Diesel generator set annual maintenance

Cooperate with the electrician in to be load operation, the workings of the check

Cooperate with electrical simulation test the performance of safety protection devices

Measuring axis, open files, and make records

Fold the inspection cover observation check shaft and cylinder

Chemical cleaning cooling system

Check the oil quality and oil change must be

Cleaning the second diesel filter

Clean the oil filter

The following items per 500 hours after operation

Change of secondary filter diesel filter, oil change

Check the cylinder head, connecting rod bolt tightness

Check valve clearance, injection timing and make records

Fuel injector pressure testing and calibration.


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