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Generator power system management solution

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Generator power system management solution


Due to the power supply strain, often limited electric switch, power line fault, power grid maintenance etc, all can cause the mains power failure.The mobile base stations distributed in city countryside, in order to ensure the communication signal coverage, and using small steam generator (diesel) oil emergency power, to ensure the normal operation of the base station.In the process of frequent power, seemingly simple power emergency rescue process, it contains a lot of problems to be solved.By generating frequent, the need when power on power generation.Generate a lot of the cost of generating electricity, including vehicle cost, artificial cost, fuel cost.In the current management mode, the artificial cheating is often happened. False power. People switch, light power, bring many difficulties to the management of power generation.With rising fuel prices and artificial cost, base station maintenance costs rising sharply.Control power generation costs become a prominent problem in power management.


Power status

Base station of the reasons are 70% is caused by mains power outage, power emergency in some areas have become a main base station maintenance work, seemingly simple power emergency rescue process, it contains a lot of problems to be solved.

People cheat, artificially high

Power generation cost statistics use manual records, workload is big, data is not accurate.And man-made false happen: artificial switch, such as false length, no-load power generation, power generation costs artificially high.

Power generation is not timely, cause a base station

Due to the power generation process to monitor, power generation, not in time to cause battery deep discharge, affect the service life of the battery, also lead to base station equipment out off station.

Where is the power of oil machine electricity, without electricity oil machine and where is it?Especially in the case of blackouts, more need to know in the first place to the location of the generator.

Generator maintenance lack scientific supervision

Generator as a provider of emergency standby power, daily maintenance, usage, idle rate, scrap rate is very important, need to strengthen the regulation of scientific system.

System management program

Regional management

A dynamic analysis

Management operation of generator

Generator maintenance management

Idle management in the generator

Super warranty management

Usage management

Power cost management

Oil machine electricity management functions

Power transient record:

Every 4 minutes gathering power station ID code, current value, voltage data through GPRS uploaded to the server.According to the real-time data to determine whether the working state of the generator power generation, power generation whether abnormalities, no-load power generation

Oil machine scheduling function

Through collecting data terminal station ID code corresponding coordinates, the system automatically in the electronic map power generator, power generator position location, can inquire the generator running track.Through transient records and data collector of standby power supply, can be set for a generator 9 hours after the completion of the stop position, whether to strengthen generator after sending the electricity into the warehouse have very good management effect.

Oil machine maintenance function

When the generator power generation time every 100 hours, collector will be via text message prompt relevant personnel to maintenance information, the system automatically display one, two, three, four level of maintenance content and time, and to determine the location of the maintenance.Can also be used for generator repair, scrap, usage, idle rate, etc.

Power cost calculation:

According to user requirements according to the generating length, power frequency and segmented pricing formula calculated automatically electric fuel vehicles, artificial cost, also can through the process of generating electricity determine whether no-load current value change to generate electricity.

Power management function

Mains mains, stop calling alarm function: the electricity, the power of text messages sent to the relevant six staff phones, power failure can directly read out the battery voltage value;Real read function: when the battery voltage of battery voltage, through text messages when temperature real read function: temperature inside query base station through text messages;

Security management functions

Magnetic door alarm function: it can realize monitoring stations in/outbound

Extensible a port: external infrared detector or a water sensor;

System networking management mode

Front-end data acquisition unit is installed on the generator or base station, the data acquisition process of generators, via text message notice six relevant personnel directly, through GPRS uploaded to the server again GuanPing professional network platform, realize the dual channel transmission.The system can partition, rights management, can realize the municipal, county two levels of management.The network mode at first, a system has applied for national patent.

The characteristics of the network mode

By SMS and GPRS is uploaded to the server dual channel alarm, the alarm flexible, timely and convenient way.Text messages can be directly to inform management and power personnel, relevant personnel can directly determine the position of the base station, start generating time, end of power generation, power generation.Power when the current value. The voltage value;To upload data through GPRS server again, via text message or server setup and modify the relevant parameters, convenient and flexible management, the system stability.

Health cloud  management platform


Health cloud system by LIXISE generating set intelligent controller, wireless data collection (DTU), the server, the monitoring center.High stability of GPRS, 3 g, 4 g) wireless transmission way access to the Internet, in the form of network, remote real-time monitoring by PC or cell phone APP 1000 (single user) generator set: power status (current, voltage, power, power factor), the condition of oil machine (oil pressure, water temperature, rotational speed), generating hours, 24 v battery charging status, etc.When there is a warning or fault, real-time delivery failure instantaneous unit (black) information to the monitoring data, and notify the relevant maintenance personnel at the same time send messages, implements the comprehensive intelligent monitoring of generator set.According to the need also to control the start and stop of the unit can be set up, and forced outage, etc.Maintenance and maintenance, in order to better management unit also has a variety of management tools, implementation unit maintenance reminder, and repair and maintenance record: every time the cost of repair, maintenance, time, persons responsible, replacement parts, audit as well as the various data statistics, etc.Monitoring personnel can also be sent in time according to the real-time monitoring warning processing, protection unit always in good standby condition.

System adopts centralized and unified scheduling management mode, so only need to create a server platform.According to the need for regional,

Permissions separate management, management personnel according to the access to the server.System for data statistics, analysis, query, can deduce the related excle table, ensure that the data is quick and accurate.

The latest alarm information: display the current information is power generator, recovery after the information automatically eliminated.

The generator power generation management

Generator dynamic analysis management: the acquisition every 4 minutes power generation process of current, voltage, through the change of the current value judgment is idle.

Generator scheduling management: on the electronic map display is power or power generator, can query a certain period of time the generator running track.

Generator maintenance management: when the generator power generation time every 100 hours, collector will be via text message prompt relevant personnel to maintenance information, the system automatically display one, two, three, four and maintenance content and time, and to determine the location of the maintenance.Can also be used for generator repair, scrap, usage, idle rate, etc

Power generation cost management: the system can be according to the generating length, power frequency and the formula to calculate time of billing electric fuel prices, also can calculate the vehicle fee, labor, and can query a certain period of time, a certain area of the related costs, can be derived by excel.
Generator power generation management platform (generator health cloud management platform), fault diagnosis, fault diagnosis, performance analysis of function, also increased the historical operation data records, user rights management, up user management, and other functions, realize the user's "three provinces" principle.

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