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Diesel generator set safety operation manual

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Diesel generator set safety operation manual

Automatic state

Keep battery to start motor starting voltage.

Keep the radiator cooling water level is normal, circulating water valve is normally open

Crankcase oil level to keep the volume of the oil dipstick scribed line within a range of plus or minus 50 px

Oil tank in more than half, fuel oil supply valve is normally open

"The operation of the generator control panel - stop - automatic" switch on "automatic" position

Power distribution unit screen mode switch in the "automatic" position

The radiator fan switch in the "automatic" position

Mains unit received signal after the start of pressure loss, confirm the mains pressure loss, cut transform ark mains switch, close the switch cabinet power, start the engine intake and exhaust fan.

Manual start

Indoor air temperature below 20 ℃, open electric heater, to preheat machine

Check whether there is any obstruction of operation on the organism and the surrounding of sundry, if any should be removed in time

Check the crankcase oil level, fuel tank oil level, radiator water level.Such as oil level water level is lower than the specified value, should be added to the normal position

Check fuel oil supply cooling water valve and globe valve is in open position

Check electric start of the battery voltage is normal

Inspection distribution panel test button, observe the alarm light is ever shine through.

Check the distribution panel switch in break-brake position, whether the indicator in the instrument in the zero

Start the intake and exhaust fan

Press the engine start button and start running.If the first starting failure, can press the distribution corresponding reset button on the screen, for the alarm to eliminate, the unit back to normal state before the second start.Starts, machine normal voice, cooling water pump operation indicator instrument is normal, and the road started successfully.

Manual operation power supply in parallel

Stay and car generator reach normal oil temperature, water temperature, oil pressure, operating normally.

And car generator output voltage and frequency values consistent with the value on the bus

Beat for generator and car synchronizer handle in the "closing" position

Observe the indicator light of synchronous indicator and pointer.

Observe synchronization indicator light, completely extinguished or pointer rotation to zero, and electrical switching switch can be.

Unit into the car running, then put the synchronizer handle cycle "off" position

If synchronizer after closing, synchronizer pointer rotating too fast or counterclockwise rotation, is not allowed and car, otherwise, will cause the switch failure.

Manual and after the success of the car, should immediately contact with low voltage distribution, the implementation of the total distribution panel can feed the switch switch electric transmission operation.

Operation safety management

Time to check the indicating instrument in accordance with the relevant provisions, pay attention to the lubricating oil pressure, water temperature changes.Lubricating oil is not less than 150 kpa pressure, cooling water temperature is not higher than 95 ℃.

Check the crankcase oil level, oil tank, radiator, water level, lower than normal position should be added

Frequently observed in the instrument power distribution panel and alarm indicator light is normal.Anyone who has fault turns red, said, a green light for the normal operation of the light.

The charger is normal

Listen to the parts of the machine running sound is normal

Check for anxious burnt hair machine or electrical equipment such as peculiar smell

Found a bad situation, should be resolved a real-time processing;Serious should stop processing.

Any downtime, shall eliminate the faults, and then press the repeat hand button on the unit, the unit can operate again.

Per shift to various operation parameters, record not less than two times

Service management

 to reduce the user cost

Save the unit inspection fee

Through self health examination, each unit can save at least 5000 yuan of above inspection fee each year.Don't need to please the teacher to do routine check.

Avoid excessive maintenance unit:

Need maintenance unit is in failure, through the fault diagnosis, do it "knows", avoid excessive maintenance

Reduce the indirect economic loss

Unit failure, through the remote fault diagnosis, quickly solve the problem of fault, reduce the indirect economic loss caused by failure.

Maintenance to remind

 through health examination, found that users early failure of the unit in time, to remind the user to do maintenance.It is recommended to use original parts, the realization of the secondary parts and service sales

Through the part life cycle management, timely remind consumer to do maintenance.It is recommended to use original parts, the realization of the secondary parts and service sales

Reduce the service cost:

Patent of remote fault diagnosis technology is adopted to avoid excessive travel services and the problem caused by user error operation or improper operation and business, and even can with the help of the user, directly remote solve some fault

Improve the quality of after-sale service:

Generator set failure, through the remote fault diagnosis, quickly find the cause of the problem, and inform the recent maintenance (maintenance workers to repair, fast and accurate fault solution.

At any time tracking after-sale - after-sales service process management

By mobile phone APP to provide after-sales service process management, the after-sales service process node and personnel management into the after-sales service management system, the real-time progress update, improve service quality, reduce the service cost


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