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Generator intelligent control system solutions

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Generator intelligent control system solutions

Common fault analysis and processing

The engine emit white smoke

The cause of the problem:Engine cylinder temperature is too low;Tank is placed too high, the highest oil level more than a pump 1.5 m;The poor quality fuel oil, moisture content exceeds bid;Valve and fuel injection timing is not right;Injectors need to be adjusted;

Processing method: check the engine water temperature, water heater, or start the engine at idle (or) under low load running 10 to 15 minutes, when the water temperature increased to 50-60 ℃, exhaust smoke will gradually returned to normal.Reduce engine fuel tank or oil level height, to ensure the highest fuel tank and engine oil pump oil level height difference within 1.5 meters, to prevent the high pressure of oil accumulation in the engine combustion chamber, causing incomplete combustion and produce white smoke.Check whether the oil is qualified, if necessary, from the bottom of the tank outlet, drain water out of the tank may deposit or excessive amounts of fuel moisture content, conform to the requirements of clean fuel.Contact generator manufacturer regulating valve, adjusted by the technical specifications of the engine timing.Please contact the generator manufacturer for processing;The fuel injector cleaning and adjustment, check whether there is any wear and tear on bop chamber, piston top with and without question, to replace the damaged parts.

When the engine light smoke

The cause of the problem: air filter clogging, resulting in engine air inflow;The engine intake and exhaust pipes is not clear or inlet and exhaust back pressure is too high;The fuel tank drain valve or vent plug;Product quality can not meet the requirements;The turbocharger is out of order;Other failures.

Processing method: air filter down to inspect, clean or replace the air filter cartridge, ensure the air intake flow.Check the inlet and exhaust pipes, ensure unblocked the engine intake and exhaust pipes.Remove the tube and cleaning for oil return pipe, should be replaced if necessary for tank, oil pipeline and ventilation tube.Check product quality, ensure the quality of the product meet the requirements.Check whether the turbocharger rotating is normal, check the bearing whether dirt, when it is necessary to be repaired.After excluding the fault engine exhaust smoke still exceeds bid, please contact the generator manufacturer for processing.

Diesel generator after start-up speed instability

The cause of the problem: the oil duct air into the;Speed control board stability gain or improper adjustment;Control rod drive through

Troubleshooting: check the oil duct, the existing flat parts processing, to prevent the air into the oil supply pipeline.To reset the gain and the stability of the governing board to adjust potentiometer;According to the value of the speed or low speed in the appropriate before starting the decrease or increase the opening of the tie rod and then boot, according to the speed of the engine to appropriate adjust the opening of tie rod,

Diesel generator does not catch fire

The cause of the problem: the fuel used up, oil supply pipe blockage or leakage, product quality can not meet the requirements;Stop valve (or fuel solenoid valve) not work;Actuator is not working or speed control rod drive through low;Speed control board without output signal to the actuator;Speed sensors without feedback signal;Intake pipe blockage;The exhaust pipe blockage;Other failures.

The cause of the problem: full amount added to the fuel tank clean fuel, fuel for fuel filter is filled, the drainage piping mainland air, to ensure the oil supply pipeline all cut the check valve is in open position;Stop check valve (or fuel solenoid valve) power supply wire, to ensure that the connection is firm and reliable, stop check valve (or fuel solenoid valve) working condition, ensure the normal work after the power supply, a stop valve (or fuel solenoid valve) to work;Check the actuator power supply circuit, ensure the connection is firm and reliable, check the execution work status, confirm after get the normal work of power supply can work normally;Check the control rod, to ensure the open position is not less than actuator effective formation of two-thirds of the position.: in the process of start measuring speed plate working power supply is normal;Measure the rotational speed sensor feedback signal is normal;Measurement speed control board output voltage signal to the actuator.Check whether speed sensor to the control panel wiring is firm and reliable;Down speed sensor check whether the sensor head is damaged;Measure the resistance of the transducer;Check the speed sensor installation is in accordance with the requirements.Check the engine air intake pipe, to ensure that the engine air intake flow.Check the engine exhaust pipes, ensure smooth engine exhaust.

Fault types: can't start the engine

The cause of the problem: the battery voltage is too low or the battery capacity is insufficient;Control of the circuit is not the normal power supply;Start the relay not work;Start the motor did not work.

Troubleshooting: check the battery voltage, the startup voltage 12 v, 24 v, the battery voltage in the process of start (12 v system shall not be less than 9 v, 24 v system shall not be less than 18 v);Check whether the dc power supply circuit of insurance or switch is in the closed state, to ensure that the control circuit power supply is normal;Check the starter relay, confirm the work when the power supply can work normally;Check the starter motor, confirmed its to be working power supply can work normally

The characteristics of the cloud

The remote monitoring and control

No matter anywhere in the world, as long as there is network, can use mobile phone or PC computer remote monitoring the operation of the generator set data, control the operation of generating set

In addition to basic information monitoring unit, but also can monitor the excitation voltage, electric adjustable output voltage, bearing temperature, winding temperature, etc.A more comprehensive monitoring for accurately check the health status of the unit

Mobile terminal remote monitoring

USES the camera embedded technology, can clearly see the cloud generator in remote site environment, avoid accidental operation risk events.

Generator running state of real-time dynamic data display, clear understanding of the current generator running state

Each detail data real-time display engine, engine real-time running is normal

Real-time display various detailed data generator, to understand whether the parameters of the generator in the normal range


Improve reliability - health monitoring unit

Health check report every Monday

Through powerful intelligent data fetching patent technology, grab the motor starting before and after the battery voltage, no-load voltage and speed for 10 seconds, excitation voltage, the electric adjustable output voltage, bearing temperature, etc, the automatic analysis of the data and generate a health check report every week, realize the health examination and early failure prevention, allows users to make maintenance, according to health guarantee the stable operation of the unit, prolong the life of generator set.

Quickly solve the problem of fault - black patent technology

Unit fails, the manufacturer directly through the cloud server for 18 seconds of black, technical personnel to analyze data, remote fault diagnosis, reduced for fault situation of communication between manufacturers and users, quick analysis the cause of the problem, solve the problem

Intelligent fault analysis


Running of generator, excitation bridge damage, a diode in generator to run as usual, but the user cannot be found.Until one day the generating set increasing load, suddenly can not generate electricity, maintenance only to find that the whole excitation bridge has been broken, maintenance up time-consuming, cost is also higher.

Through the use of cloud generator controller, the user can early fault diagnosis problem of electric unit.And timely maintenance, so you don't have to worry about all kinds of maintenance costs increase and spend a lot of time.Failure will be the first feedback to the user.


Industrial iot era controller to realize on-line health monitoring, potential fault analysis and remote fault diagnosis service.Health check once a week, quite give unit bought an insurance, also bought an insurance for the user.

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