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Generating set remote control system solutions

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Generating set remote control system solutions

The generator field loss

The cause of the problem: generating the captain time need not, cause before delivery contains the remanent magnetization in core loss and excitation coil can't afford to build its magnetic field, engine functioning but not sent out the electricity at this moment, this kind of phenomenon in xinji, stored in humid environment or long-term unused units more.

Methods: inspection on generator output circuit, to prevent the output short-circuit excitation cannot be established;Have the magnetization magnetization button button click on the field excitation;Without battery for its excitation button, use the magnetization.

The spill

The cause of the problem: there were more due to the engine in the form of pressure seal, such as cylinder liner - piston, piston ring, turbo - supercharger rotor shaft, this seal in the engine, about one-third of the load to give full play to the role, and load hours will likely slight leakage phenomenon, otherwise may be the following problems:

The piston - cylinder jacket seal is bad, the oil is up, into the combustion chamber combustion, exhaust blue smoke;

For supercharged diesel engine, due to low load and no-load, boost pressure is low.Easy to cause the supercharger drops, oil seal (non-contact) seal oil into the pumping chamber, along with the inlet into the cylinder;

Is up to the part of the cylinder oil burnt, part of the oil can't complete combustion, at the top of the valve, inlet, piston, piston ring, the place such as the formation of coke, and part with the exhaust and together and form a carbon deposit in the exhaust pipe when the accumulation of oil and carbon deposit to a certain extent will flow from the exhaust manifold outlet;

Supercharger turbo indoor oil accumulation to a certain degree, is seeping from the combination of the supercharger surface;

Small load operation for a long time, will lead to the moving parts wear, more serious engine burning overhaul period of early consequences such as environmental degradation.

Methods: should reduce as far as possible when using low load/no-load running time, and the minimum load unit cannot be lower than the rated power of 25% to 30%.

The output power is insufficient

The cause of the problem: the fuel filter clogging caused poor oil supply;Fuel oil pipeline leak, there is air infiltration into the tubing;The engine air filter clogging caused by poor inlet;Fuel oil temperature is too high;Engine exhaust pressure is too high;The oil level of oil is too high, has a resistance leading to engine power loss on the crankshaft;Engine turbocharger between the backend and engine intake manifold may lead to insufficient intake pressure leakage phenomenon;

Check the fuel filter element, such as the clogging or exist a large number of impurities, please replace the fuel filter.Check fuel oil pipeline, such as the leakage situation exists, for processing, to prevent the air into the engine run time for tubing;Check air filter cartridge, use compressed air to clean or replace filter;Measure the fuel temperature, if oil temperature more than 50 ℃, please cool down or the fuel added fuel to reduce the temperature;Check the engine exhaust pipe, to ensure that the exhaust to open, ensure the exhaust pressure is less than 90 MMHG;In cold state machine or downtime for 5-10 minutes, through oil scale check machine oil pan oil surface height, if machine oil surface has more than "H", please get rid of excess oil, liquid level in a "L" and "H" near "H" between a advisable;In running state, with the aid of the tools necessary to turbocharger backend to check between the intake manifold of the trachea (note the check due to high temperature and high pressure gas burns), the existing flat fastening parts;

Oil Pressure insufficient

The cause of the problem: oil crankcase oil level is too low or no oil;Engine coolant temperature is maintained at a higher temperature, lead to the oil caused by oil viscosity is low;Oil pressure sensor or sensor signals might be in short circuit;Oil filter clogging, resulting in shortage of lubricating oil in oil duct;The use of lubricant viscosity level does not accord with the requirement of using the environment;Other fault

Troubleshooting: check the oil the scale of the scale, make sure that the stop after 5 minutes the machine oil surface height between the L and H of the scale close to H to full oil level, if not, please add the same type of oil to the provisions of scale;The processing method, according to a cooling fluid temperature is too high, to ensure that the coolant temperature within a normal range;Check on the pressure sensor wiring to ensure that the connection is firm and reliable, on record press pressure sensor resistance pressure display value, and comparing with the table below, if there is a big difference, please replace the pressure sensor;Replace the oil filter;Check engine oil specification, according to the climate conditions of oil change;If the fault has been ruled out, the engine oil pressure is still low, please contact the generator manufacturer for processing.

The engine coolant temperature is too high

The cause of the problem: an insufficient cooling fluid in the water tank on cooling capacity is insufficient;Crankcase oil too little or no oil;Coolant temperature sensor fault, lead to inaccurate readings or on the high side;Ventilation blocked radiator, cooling air cannot normal circulation led to the decrease of the tank heat capacity;Drive belt loose of cooling fan, fan speed is not caused by the tank heat dissipation ability;Probe is fault engine section, an engine coolant temperature, not normally open large cycle, cause the coolant temperature is too high;Cooling liquid circulating pump problem, which leads to the coolant does not appear high temperature normal cycle.

Fault handling: in the condition of cold machine open the tank cover, check the height of the cooling liquid tank, general with into index can reach the level of shall prevail, if not please add coolant;Check oil scale scale, make sure it down after 5 minutes the machine oil surface height between the L and H of the scale close to the H to full oil level, if not, please add the same type of oil to the provisions of scale;Check the temperature sensor wiring to ensure that the connection is firm and reliable, the measurement of temperature sensor resistance and record the resistance when the temperature of the display value, and comparing with the table below, if there is a big difference, please replace the temperature sensor.Radiator radiator cooling window, if the presence of large amounts of oil or dirt jam the heat-sink window vent, please clean the radiator, ensure the ventilated smooth;Check the wear condition of the radiator fan belt and tensioning degree, according to the need to replace or tension belt;Replace the thermostat;Check the pump impeller, if damaged, should replace the water pump.

Remote fault diagnosis technology

Connected by three different ways to achieve the unlimited network, no geographical boundaries, can be a reliable cloud server data synchronization to health.At the same time also save a built-in large capacity storage module operation data, more than half a year

The first kind of connection mode: in the application environment itself with wifi networks, cloud controller directly connected to the WIFI network, WIFI network between generator and cloud servers to establish real-time communication pipeline, real-time remote monitoring and control.

The second mode of connection: no WIFI in the application environment, but has a mobile phone networks, via mobile phone share the WIFI, also realize real-time remote monitoring, but usually for more for health inspection and remote fault diagnosis

The third kind of mode of connection: no WIFI in the application environment, no mobile phones network, through the APP to save the cloud controller of 7 kinds of data (can run 24 hours to save half a year) to save to the handset, until the phone to have WIFI or Internet environment, and will save the data to the cloud server, realize the remote fault diagnosis and fault early warning, early health check


Data intelligent fetching patent technology: data in this interaction, the cloud server not directly interact with the generator set data, but the first to send command to LIXISE cat of cloud, the cloud cat directly by data interface to access the generating set, when the monitoring to the generator set data, has the cloud server command data that are needed to grab and return to the cloud server.Fetching data, for example: in order to grab the battery performance is calculated before and after the motor starting voltage, battery as the calculating speed and voltage fluctuation rate of fetching the no-load voltage and speed of 10 seconds.

Using black patent technology, perfect reappear every moment of the 18 seconds before failure unit for rapid analysis the cause of the problem, realize the remote fault diagnosis, rapidly solve the failure problems.After-sales service to reduce costs, improve efficiency and quality after-sales service

LXI980 series not only has the traditional RS232 interface, but also increased the RS485 interface, USB interface, and the LINK interface.Connection is diversiform, unimpeded experience.

Operating case

For example, the running of the generator, excitation bridge damage, a diode in generator to run as usual, but the user cannot be found.

Until one day the generating set increasing load, suddenly can not generate electricity, maintenance only to find that the whole excitation bridge has been broken, maintenance up time-consuming, cost is also higher.

Through the use of cloud generator controller, the user can early fault diagnosis problem of electric unit.And timely maintenance, this is not the heart all kinds of maintenance costs increase and spend a lot of time.


Apply to industry

Lixise health cloud applicable generator lease, oil fields, power companies, reduce unnecessary maintenance costs such as maintenance industry, provide work efficiency, real time control of the unit and the running state.Allow the user to "save time, save worry, save Labour.

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