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Generator power management system

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Generator power management system

Product introduction

Generator power management system by the generator, data collector, controller, GSM/CDMA network and the management software platform.System USES wireless transmission way, via SMS (mobile phone number can be set up six group) and mobile Internet transmission to the monitoring center platform. Dual channel alarm way, generator, generator maintenance scheduling management system can realize management, power generation cost and settlement management, and other functions.Rich data input interface: USB (the Host), RS232 and RS485, the LINK, CAN J1939 CAN LINK multiple brands, by the user terminal equipment such as PC or cell phone APP real-time monitoring the operation of the generator set, realizes the running record query, remote fault diagnosis, health management, performance analysis, fault diagnosis), etc.


System of management object for the generator, through mounted on the generator acquisition module, real-time field information collection and a generator.Acquisition module detects when generator to run ac 220 v voltage, immediately open automatically boot collection module, the time of beginning and ending the power, time, location, generation capacity (c/KW/h), and other relevant information using SMS manager, and upload the information to the management center through GPRS, platform software reflects is the number of base station, generator power, generator number turns time, electricity, power site, such as information, and then through the calculation of the information it is concluded that generator fuel consumption statistics, generator accumulative total run time statistics, maintenance tips, etc.

System composition

The generator power generation data collector

Data terminal intelligent monitoring of generators, collecting all kinds of data, and to deal with data collected and sent to the monitoring center.Can be used in portable generator and stationary generator two devices.

Suitable for portable generator power generation management

Appearance: data collector is installed on the generator, USES the one-piece metal shell, waterproof, shockproof, good concealment, concise and compact, easy installation.Professional anti-theft screw seal.With 2400 ma standby power.

Monitoring center mobile terminals and related personnel can remote setup, query, modify collector parameters (power generation records, generator running status, etc.).Using password system to prevent illegal personnel change monitoring module parameters.

Applicable to the base station in power generation, power supply, security management

Appearance: data collector (LXI980) installed in the base station, wall hung, ac/dc

Monitoring center mobile terminals and related personnel can remote setup, query, modify collector parameters (power generation records, generator running status, etc.).Using password system to prevent illegal personnel change monitoring module parameters.

Comprehensive monitoring platform

Monitoring platform for receiving data from the data acquisition and analysis, form report, record and query related historical information, and can EXCEL export.The user can monitor the unit operation situation at anytime and anywhere.


The system adopts double channel alarm method

The first channel messages:

Front-end data acquisition unit is installed on the generator, the data acquisition process of generators, via text message notice six relevant personnel directly, also can be set up via text message to modify, query related parameters (see the message content in attachment)

The second channel server:

Through GPRS uploaded to the server professional service platform, service platform can be recorded, inquiry, set up the related data, statistics, management.

Management mode

The city can build a server, professional network management platform can be realized through the server partition, rights management, implement the municipal, county two-tier management model.The relevant management personnel can be according to the access system, the system at first, has applied for national patent

The management system management system function

Generator running state management using electronic map, according to the base station ID code corresponding coordinates, display the current all are power generator, not power generator, can inquire a generator in a certain period of time running track.

Power "light" or "load" judgment, data collector will be collected every 4 minutes station ID code, power current value, voltage value to the system platform, real-time control power in the process of current value, the change of the voltage value, through the change of the current value judgment power is "light" or "load", and can judge of base station and generators in the process of generating anomalies.

Mains and generator's judgment

Data collector to collect a generator voltage characteristic, automatic analysis of power generation with mains voltage characteristic feature differences, suspected mains judgement, and SMS alerts suspected mains, monitoring is false to generate electricity

Power cost management for all generator power generation fuel prices, vehicles, labor statistics and management

Fuel consumption standard (l/h) (h) X X generation time oil prices (yuan/liter) correction coefficient X = power generation fuel (yuan)

Capacity (c) X unit current price (RMB/degrees) correction coefficient X = power generation fuel (yuan)

Maintenance management, generators running every 100 hours, text messages to remind relevant personnel, maintenance after the completion of the system automatically by the base station ID code read generator maintenance.Statistics the maintenance time, maintenance level, d premiums and maintenance personnel's name, phone number.

Usage, idle rate and scrap rate automatic statistic management system, idle rate and utilization rate of the motor scrap rate.

The system characteristics

Automatic data collector for base station ID code, location information, real-time monitoring of generator power current, voltage and calculate the electrical length, every 4 minutes to upload data, real-time monitoring of generator position state, power generation and power generation time, to provide real time data to management scheduling, the generating process of the relevant data are qualitative and quantitative analysis;

Warning: flexible, timely and convenient, which can realize the SMS alarm and server networking alarm two alarm mode

Scheduling management system has: generators, generator and generator daily warehouse management, power generation cost management of maintenance/repair/subscription fee, utilization, idle rate analysis of management functions, fixed generators management also has a base station stop calling alarm, battery voltage, the base station environment temperature alarm, security management functions;

Flexible networked way: there is no limit to the distance of information transmission, can be composed of multiple subsystems, quantity is unlimited

Low operation cost and maintenance cost: each data collector installed a SIM card, a warning message sent 6 group SMS, GPRS Internet traffic is only 0.18 KB/minutes, single machine run independently;

Transmission directly, can be directly to inform management and power personnel, relevant personnel can directly determine the location of the generator and start generating time, end of power generation, power generation time, power when the current value, voltage value;Can SMS or server setup and modify the relevant parameters, convenient and flexible management system.

System advantage

A province to province, reduced cost of users, through self health examination, each unit can save at least 5000 yuan of above inspection fee each year.Don't need to please the teacher to do routine check

Reduce service costs, improve after-sales service, the use of remote fault diagnosis of patent technology, avoid excessive travel services and the problem caused by user error operation or improper operation and business, and even can with the help of the user, directly remote solve some fault

Track after-sales service process management, at any time via mobile phone APP to provide after-sales service process management, the after-sales service process node and personnel management into the after-sales service management system, the real-time progress update, improve service quality, reduce the service cost

Maintenance remind through health examination, found that users early failure of the unit in time, to remind the user to do maintenance.It is recommended to use original parts, the realization of the secondary parts and service sales.


Cloud server not directly interact with the generator set data, but the first to send command to lixise cat of cloud, the cloud cat directly by data interface to access the generating set, when the monitoring to the generator set data, has the cloud server command data that are needed to grab and return to the cloud server.Fetching data, for example: in order to grab the battery performance is calculated before and after the motor starting voltage, battery as the calculating speed and voltage fluctuation rate of fetching the no-load voltage and speed of 10 seconds.

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