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Diesel generator automation control system for management methods

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Diesel generator automation control system for management methods


Diesel generator set power station automation control.Hardware composition is simple, but consider reliable backup measures.This way, make full use of computer technology, make ordinary units change for automation units.It can realize control, also can undertake data processing and scientific computing, and its computational speed and accuracy completely, meet the control requirements.Its outstanding advantage is that the 3 control program stored in memory, the connection is limited to detect connected devices, actuators, simplifies hardware and wiring, and thus its high reliability and wide adaptability, convenient debugging and maintenance.

Cloud generator set health service system is a kind of generating set online health monitoring based on Internet of things, the potential fault analysis and remote fault diagnosis service platform, to solve the problem of repair, maintenance, installation and other services, increase the bidding service in the platform, to solve the industry's product transactions and increased the units and accessories of electrical business transaction management services and financial services.Can be on a platform at the same time monitoring system at the same time N sets of data, realize the automatic alarm, does not need manual check.The Singapore patent technology, in the 2 g and 3 g mobile phone network has communication fast, stable and permanent, particularly in the 2 g network reflect incisively and vividly.


Automatic generating set development and production in China began in the 1960 s, the unit is the first and the second kind of control mode matching production variety is more, the main application field is a communication system and shipping industry.With the development of computer technology, especially the microprocessor based programmable controller (PLC) application and development of the rapid emergence makes the fourth kind of automatic generating set.Programmable controller (PLC) is a comprehensive computer, control, communication and CRT display technology and developed, can be combined as needed, to adapt to the need of different level and scale of automatic control device.In particular, it is better than the microcomputer can be used in harsh industrial environments, so, PLC has been widely used for various automation control field..

The characteristic

LIXISE LXC66X0E series power station automation controller used for a single diesel generating sets automation and monitoring system, using 32-bit microprocessor technology, the realization of generating set automatic starting/stopping, various parameters precision measurement, alarm, protection and the "three remote" function.Big screen LCD controller USES a (240 * 128 LCD) graphic display, under a page can show that almost all of the important parameters, dispense pages.At the same time can show Chinese, English and other languages, all parameters can be adjusted from the controller panel, also can use PC through USB, RS232 or GPRS remote adjusting and monitoring.Its compact structure, simple connection, high reliability, can be widely used in various types of generating set automation system, can also be used for fire pump, air compressor of automation control system.


The remote monitoring and control

No matter anywhere in the world, as long as there is network, can use mobile phone or PC computer remote monitoring the operation of the generator set data, control the operation of the generator set;In addition to basic information monitoring unit, but also can monitor the excitation voltage, electric adjustable output voltage, bearing temperature, winding temperature, etc.A more comprehensive monitoring for accurately check the health status of the unit.

Mobile terminal remote monitoring

Health check report every Monday, through the powerful intelligent data fetching patent technology, grasping the motor starting before and after the battery voltage, no-load voltage and speed for 10 seconds, excitation voltage, the electric adjustable output voltage, such as bearing temperature, automatic analysis of the data and generate a health check report every week, realize the health examination and early failure prevention, allows users to make maintenance according to the health, guarantee the stable operation of the unit, prolong the life of generator set.

Quickly solve the problem of fault - black patent technology

Unit fails, the manufacturer directly through the cloud server for 18 seconds of black, technical personnel to analyze data, remote fault diagnosis, reduced for fault situation of communication between manufacturers and users, quick analysis the cause of the problem, solve the problem

The system advantage

Maintain the continuity and reliability of power supply.Diesel generator set automation control system can accurately and quickly adjust the operation of the diesel generator set.When there is abnormal condition of generator sets, automatic control system can normal judgment and handling in time, a corresponding alarm signals and emergency stop, avoid damage to the generator set.At the same time, also can automatically start standby generators, shortening the time of power grid, to ensure the continuity of power supply.

To improve the power quality indexes and operational economy and all electrical equipment in good working condition.Frequency and voltage of electrical equipment for electrical energy have higher requirements, the scope of permissible deviation is very small.Automatic voltage regulator can make the voltage constant, manipulation of the governor to adjust the frequency.Diesel power station automation rely on automatic adjustment device to complete the frequency and the adjustment of the useful power

To speed up the control and operation process, improve the continuity and stability of the system.Diesel power station automation, the working status and timely change to adapt to the system requirements, the unit operation process, according to the order of the scheduled uninterrupted and can continuously monitor completion.Emergency start generating set, for example, if the manual operation, the fastest also want to 5 to 7 minutes, adopt the automatic control, usually less than 10 seconds can start successfully, to restore power.

Reduce operating energy, improve working conditions.Computer room runtime environment conditions are harsh, affect the health of the operator.Create conditions for unmanned automatic control system.

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