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Diesel generator power management method

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Diesel generator power management method


Generator power management system by the generator, data collector, GSM/CDMA network and the management software platform.System USES wireless transmission way, via SMS (mobile phone number can be set up six group) and mobile Internet transmission to the monitoring center platform. Dual channel alarm way, generator, generator maintenance scheduling management system can realize management, power generation cost and settlement management, and other functions.

System of management object for the generator, through mounted on the generator acquisition module, real-time field information collection and a generator.Acquisition module detects when generator to run ac 220 v voltage, immediately open automatically boot collection module, the time of beginning and ending the power, time, location, generation capacity (c/KW/h), and other relevant information using SMS manager, and upload the information to the management center through GPRS, platform software reflects is the number of base station, generator power, generator number turns time, electricity, power site, such as information, and then through the calculation of the information it is concluded that generator fuel consumption statistics, generator accumulative total run time statistics, maintenance tips, etc.

System structure

Generator power management system by the generator, data collector, GSM/CDMA network and server, system USES wireless transmission way, so you just need to build a server, implementing points area, rights management

Portable generator power management

Data collector is installed on the generator, USES the one-piece metal shell, waterproof, shockproof, good concealment, installation is convenient.Professional anti-theft screw seal.With 2400 ma standby power.Monitoring center mobile terminals and related personnel can remote setup, query, modify collector parameters (power generation records, generator running status, etc.).The password system to prevent illegal personnel change monitoring module parameters, applicable to the base station in power generation, power supply, security management.


System composition

The Date collector

Generator data collector is the generator information data collection tools, using GSM GPRS network as a medium of information transmission, information will be collected according to the protocol code sent to the designated IP/port terminal receives the management platform, and then receive
Platform in accordance with the corresponding protocol conversion for gathering information, by the software embodied in the terminal screen, get our monitoring information.
Data collector is installed on the generator, generator related data uploaded to the server.To realize the remote control.


Server is installed on the center machine room, can be divided into regions, rights management, the generator power generation data statistics and analysis, can be derived by EXCEL.
Cloud services, based on the technology of Internet of things used LXI980G data collector, and connected to the gas engine controller and flow measuring data interface (RS232, RS485, USB, CAN), to the running status of engine (run, downtime and outages, etc.) and running data (oil pressure, temperature, engine speed, etc.), as well as the flow measuring the flow of data acquisition, and then through the 2 g / 3 g mobile phone card or 433 MHZ (no phone signal region) wireless way transmission to the cloud server, monitoring centre staff CAN use a PC or mobile terminal connected to the cloud server, for remote real-time monitoring of gas engine and flow meter and the historical data query, and receive the alarm information, and implementation.


The phone APP
A, installation personnel through the phone APP site entry for related parameters;
B, power generation by mobile phone APP to check power data, check the generator parameters, GPS navigation scheduling, to complete the repair/maintenance;
C, management by mobile phone APP real-time understanding of regional power.

The solution

Power cost management

According to LIXISE power generation cost accounting standards, accounting system on electricity generated when the labor fee, vehicle fee, handling fee, fuel surcharge (according to the generating length or charged according to time), according to the needs of users to automatically generate, day, week, month report can be sent to the specified email address.

Scheduling management
Move oil machine, automatic data acquisition module, the current location on map form starting motor, calling a single generator can be specified in the running track on the map, containing oil machine power generation sites and storage time.Oil machine across the power of the region, according to the longitude and latitude automatically when the power generation data recorded in the region.

Warehouse management
On the map to establish warehouse location, record Numbers of generator generator into the warehouse, warehouse, power information such as size, type of fuel, belongs to property rights.

Use case management
System can query statistics of each generator in the area of power generation, power generation time, data analysis can be performed.

Maintenance management
When oil machine need maintenance/repair, by generating personnel through the APP repair service, based on the system process to maintenance personnel, maintenance personnel maintenance/repair is completed through the phone APP to fill in relevant information upload, the system automatically locate the location of the relevant maintenance, ensure the authenticity of maintenance/repair.

Scrap management
Launched by the originator scrap process, each process node, in turn, examination and approval, the system automatically records archive scrap.

Come on management
Each generator can real time record refueling information, when the second go automatically count down for the first time after go to generate electricity by length, number, electricity, oil and other relevant information were analyzed, and the data can be derived statistics report generation.

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