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Generator remote control introduced

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Generator remote control introduced

Remote monitoring system of generator is the use of GPRS technology for diesel generating sets to realize the remote control management, realization of automatic monitoring and control system by diesel generating sets of oil temperature, oil pressure, water temperature, rotational speed, battery voltage monitoring and control, monitoring and control of data sent to the control center through GPRS wireless transmission technology, management software of the control system according to the standard data check and analysis, draw a feedback data transmission by GPRS to automatic monitoring system, through its control of the diesel generator set, guarantee the reliable operation of the diesel generator set.

Application background

Since reform and opening up, the factory, transportation, telecommunications, rapid development, finance and other areas of the ship.With the rapid development of these areas, a variety of infrastructure and automated electronic equipment is also rapidly increased, while the demand for these devices uninterrupted power supply also will increase.Diesel generators as a regular backup power supply is widely applied to all walks of life, can foresee, in the absence of alternative high-power standby power supply in the future, the use of generators will be more and more.Because the traditional way of management and maintenance generator is to rely on professional personnel regularly check, and when a generator, need to pay close attention to the running state of generator at the scene.This raises the question of the need to manage the quantity of diesel generators, geographically dispersed, and the contradiction between the rising labor costs.All walks of life, the generator leasing industry, in particular, there is a urgent demand, is the unification of dispersed generators, targeted management.
According to the above situation, we provide a kind of wireless remote monitoring solution was carried out on the generator, can not subject to geographical restrictions, targeted, to many generators for management and maintenance, can greatly improve the management efficiency

The working principle

In general, managers usually by various state of generator controller monitors generator, and panel instructions issued by the controller.Controller is our operating management of generator mediation components, so many of the diesel generator for remote monitoring and management, needs to solve three problems, one is the controller must have a data interface, the second is how remote, three is how to centralized management.
First of all, on the computer, the software was used to simulate the controller panel, the interaction of the data management and software, data interface to the controller by the controller.This scenario, the company's LXC6610 controller and the configuration software to realize this function.
Wireless data transmission module is a module based on GPRS network (mobile data network).It has two interface, an antenna, an antenna, can be connected to the Internet;Another RS232 data interface, data interface can connect the generator controller.Indirect access to the Internet, as a result, the generator controller can interact with the configuration software in the Internet data, the user through the configuration software to realize the function of remote monitoring of generator.This scenario, the DTU LXI680G model of the company

System composition

Generator by the generator intelligent controller, wireless remote monitoring system of data acquisition unit (DTU), the server, the monitoring center.
1, the generator controller
(1), based on LIXISE first in the global LXC6610 cloud controller as the core of electric control system, and health service system of cloud, and the user terminal of the complete cloud generator set;
(2) with common brand model controller as the core of the electronic control system, combined with octopus collector LXI980, health services in the cloud system, the user terminal of the complete cloud generator.


Wireless date module

The function of wireless data transmission module is connected to the Internet, send data from control through the antenna to the Internet, to forward the data from the Internet to the controller.This module contains an identity ID, when access to the Internet from wireless data module.This scheme, we adopt LXI680G wireless data module of the company.It across the GPRS network and the Internet, computer and serial port bridge equipment, solve the R232 serial port devices can only close connected to the computer problems.With GPS function, can locate RS232 serial port devices.Have messaging function, can at the same time of data transmission to send and receive messages.Especially suitable for the application of unattended.

LXI680G wireless data module is an industrial-strength, GPRS DTU with GPS global satellite positioning function, product.The product internal integration with high performance and low power consumption of industrial grade GPS module and GPRS module, GPS global positioning technology and wireless GPRS communication technology perfect combination of a product.
Wireless data module based on ARM platform, embedded operating system, the built-in industrial-grade module, it can be used in harsh environments, working temperature scope of application can be up to 40 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃.LXI680G provide standard RS232 serial interface, can be quickly and PLC, industrial control, instruments, meters, RTU equipment is linked together, will be linked to LXI680G equipment through GPRS network data transmission to a host on the Internet, realize the transparent data remote transmission, at the same time to the front-end equipment of GPS location information reported to host, achieve the positioning equipment.
Controller and LXI680G after binding, it is only through the password to unbundling, if forced unbundling, controller will record the alarm information or refused to start the next time the generator, this feature is especially suitable for generator rental industry. At the same time also the function of GPS satellite positioning, may at any time to know the location of the unit. Also can through the computer remote monitoring modify the configuration parameters of the thousands of miles away generating set, in order to more suitable for the field application.With as many as 150 black, can understand the operational parameters of generator in failure moment, include: voltage, current, active power, power factor, oil pressure, water temperature, rotational speed, and other important parameters.On LXI680G personalization, and integrate it in the existing equipment, the user can through the Internet and mobile phone tracking, monitoring, management of existing equipment.


The system core
It is the core part of the whole system, its role includes three aspects.
First, management all through wireless data module (DTU) Internet access controller.When wireless data module (DTU) access to the data center, it will inform the data center own identity ID, data center by the ID to distinguish different controllers.
Second, the management of all users to connect configuration software on a computer.Data center through the user name and password management to distinguish all users connected to the data center.When the user controller configuration software on your computer starts, it will automatically connected to the data center, and verified the login, the user can modify the default in the configuration software user name and password.Users are divided into two kinds, one kind is a common user, one kind is private users, two types of users have different data access.
Third, data transfer, management controller.Configuration software manages the wireless data module associated with the user ID list.Public users, data center at a certain moment only respond to such user interactions with the data of the controller;Private users, data center wireless data modules that are relevant to the user ID list synchronization to the data center, on a regular basis (time) can be set to scan they identify the working state of the generator, real-time alarm and tracking start-stop condition, tracking of oil change, coexist in the database, easy to query in the future.
Computer data center service, centralized management of all the controller connected to the Internet.It around the clock monitoring of generator rev. Stop, oil, oil pressure conditions, and record all kinds of alarm information.Users can start at any time on my computer configuration software to connect to the data center, to see all the current state of the generator, and receive real-time alarm information.
Control system features modularization ideas, thoroughly solved the problem in the field of generator set control, which is a special controller as the core of the automation system, the special controller for generating set, combines many functions in one, get rid of the complex peripheral circuit, suddenly the automation control system is simple.Most of these special generator controller adopts the advanced microprocessor and control technology, reliability and environment adaptiveness is PLC is greatly increased, at the same time, many parameters can be set according to actual condition, use up is very flexible.At present, we have more than ten years in the fourth stage, the vitality of this pattern, with the development of technology shows more and more strong vitality, function modular can say this kind of control system is the present situation of the diesel generator set automatic control.
This monitoring system due to less investment, easy installation, stable operation, do not take up new transport resources, realize no one guards.And completely solves the problems of original monitoring and control system, and greatly saves manpower.For China mobile company's existing generator monitoring system at present, the problem existing in using remote monitoring system for the monitoring of generator hydraulic, fuel quantity, grid, etc.Greatly ensures the normal operation of the base station and the stability of the network.

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