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How to extend the life of diesel generators

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Any diesel generator has a life cycle , the life cycle is generally in certain conditions ( that is, in an ideal working conditions , in strict accordance with the instructions of the required maintenance ) under it possible to achieve. In actual application process, due to changes in environmental conditions and user 's negligence and other reasons , it is impossible to use one hundred percent as required by the operating manual diesel . Therefore, the actual service life of diesel engines significantly lower than the theoretical life. In order to extend the life of diesel generators as possible , should pay special attention to the following aspects of the problem :

1、 the engine warm-up time before starting

Whether it is summer or winter , are not immediately after the engine starts with a high speed or load operation , with particular attention to winter . After engine start should be at idle or low speed ( 800 to 1000 rev / min ) with no load running 3 minutes ( summer ) to 5 minutes ( winter ) , and then began to work with a load . If the engine work together to move that heavy load , engine temperature is low because this time , the friction pair gap is relatively small , combined with just the start of oil is lagging behind, can cause abnormal wear of these parts , frequent repeated use may resulting in abnormal engine damage .

2、engine cooling problems before downtime

A diesel engine can not start the work is put into full load , the same can not be shut down immediately after work at full capacity , with particular attention to the summer . After engine shutdown when required to work at full capacity , the load should be removed after idling or low-speed ( 800 to 1000 rev / min ) running 3 minutes ( winter ) to 5 minutes ( summer ) , to stop upon engine temperature. If you stop work immediately after the diesel engine at full load , the temperature of the heat effect due back to the cylinder combustion engine is likely to cause a " pull cylinder" and other failures. Air-cooled diesel engine should pay special attention.

3、the intake air temperature insulation problems

Under normal circumstances, the engine intake air temperature is not higher than 45 ℃. If the intake air temperature is too high , you should try to be reduced. Special to exclude or reduce exhaust outlet nozzle thermal radiation and direct heating effect of intake . Make sure to take over from the intake manifold and the exhaust pipe to take over is not less than 100mm, and the intake manifold and the exhaust pipe adjacent interface may not have air leaks . Otherwise, it should take measures to eliminate . If the exhaust pipe to take over due to structural limitations can not stay away from the intake manifold or exhaust port leak temporarily takeover can not be excluded , it is necessary to take temporary measures will be separated by a thin steel plate between the two , as much as possible to reduce the impact on the intake of exhaust heat . Intake air temperature is too high, the density of air entering the cylinder is reduced , the relative lack of intake air , the black smoke when diesel heavy load of work . If the intake air temperature is too high for a long time at high engine (intake ) working temperature may produce piston "burn -top" , "pull cylinder " and other serious problems.

4、 mixing different brands of lubricants problem

When using two different brands of motor oil , must not make two different manufacturers or mix different grades of oil . That is : If you previously used a particular brand of oil, when oil supplement , be sure to add the same brand of oil. When you switch to a different brand of oil, the oil must be drained by the original while changing the oil filter ( including bypass oil filter ) . Because different brands or manufacturers of oil , the oil generation method ( various additives , etc. ) will be different, two different brands of engine oil mixing may cause deterioration of the oil or precipitate , the engine will be adversely affected , resulting in failure.

5、 it should be noted that other issues

A、 regular cleaning dust Diesel Engine cooling surfaces , check the cooling system , fan system status , making the diesel engine cooling system is always in good working condition , is one of the effective ways to extend the life of diesel engines .

B、 for air-cooled diesel engine , in any case can not be removed after pressure chamber cover plate for a long time to work at full capacity . Air-cooled diesel engine pressure chamber without cover plate , it means there is no water-cooled diesel engine radiator . Prolonged work at full capacity , there will certainly be a serious engine malfunction .

C、in winter when the engine starts, should be required to use reasonable start preheating device . When you start trouble , do not use a long time to start preheating device , because when you start preheating preheating device mounted on the intake manifold fuel glow plugs will flow. To start-up time is too long , more fuel flows out the glow plug , which can cause the engine start or start rough work more difficult .

D, when the use of diesel engines in winter , no load idle time after start-up or low speed should not exceed 30 minutes. Because winter ambient temperature is low, the low-speed diesel long run exacerbate low wear of piston rings and other moving parts .

E、 regularly check engine support , damping rubber block , tighten bolts and other parts of the fastening condition . If the engine supports fast damping rubber damaged, loose bolts or supporting part of the main fastening bolts loose , vibration causes the engine increases, long-term operation may result in severe damage to the diesel engine.

F、depending on the season , the choice of different viscosity grades of lubricants. If the inappropriate choice of lubricant will cause severe damage to the diesel engine. Choose lubricants general requirements are: After confirming the quality grade lubricants , high temperature lubricants summer heat areas ( eg 40,50,60 , etc. ) , the use of low-temperature lubricants winter cold regions ( such as 0W, 5W, 10W , etc. ) . Lubricants may be used mixed with other regions (15W40, 20W40 , etc. ) .

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