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Intelligent remote monitoring system of generator

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Intelligent remote monitoring system of generator


When generators users and manufacturers want to track a series of generator is sometimes impractical, because it is hard to find a suitable measures, is because there is no fuel oil level of each generator and engine oil pressure or battery state enough information.The remote management solution, based on the cloud user can through a conventional web browser and mobile APP online access generator parameters in time.Let's have a look at the remote intelligent monitoring system of generator is how to reduce operating costs and improve the control performance.

System introduction

LXI980 is a collection of data collection of communication protocol conversion module, through this module will generator connected to the Internet at the other end of the cloud server, and remote monitoring for generator set of data records and fault alarm.LXI980 has a wealth of data input interface: USB (the Host), RS232 and RS485, the LINK, CAN (J1939), by these interfaces CAN be connected to a LIXISE, deep sea, Michael, kaixun, brands such as the intelligence controller with the operation of the generator data, and then through the Ethernet or WIFI and 2 g / 3 g / 4 g will run to the cloud server, data transmission by the user terminal equipment such as PC or cell phone APP real-time monitoring the operation of the generator set, realizes the running record query, remote fault diagnosis, health management (performance analysis, fault diagnosis), etc.


Generator remote intelligent monitoring system composed of generator intelligent controller, wireless data terminal, server, the monitoring center four major part.This system USES wireless transmission way to access the Internet, can remotely real-time monitoring of generator set, generator start and stop the machine, electricity, oil, fuel oil conditions, grid conditions, etc., send text messages to inform the person related to maintenance, implements the generating set of comprehensive maintenance management and power management.Especially in the daily maintenance management, monitoring personnel according to the real-time monitoring of failure or warning message (oil pressure, temperature, fuel tank capacity, power voltage) to report in time and sent processing, protection unit always in good standby condition.
Computer data center service, centralized management of all the controller connected to the Internet.It around the clock monitoring of generator rev. Stop, oil, oil pressure conditions, and record all kinds of alarm information.Users can start at any time on my computer configuration software to connect to the data center, to see all the current state of the generator, and receive real-time alarm information.


The System features

1, only when required to start the service
Generator according to the scheduled service plan, usually by understanding how generator running, can be more dynamic planning services.Because of the high cost of access to the site, therefore, through to the real need only service way of generator to send service team, can optimize service costs.The challenge is to know when each site need service.Remote management solution, the user can check the running time, oil pressure, battery state, coolant temperature, power output, fuel oil level, GPS location, etc.When reaches a critical level, can also generate notifications, for example, generator running time has exceeded expectations.At run time and more than service time interval, we can send a notification.Due to the remote analysis of the operation situation of each generator, users will be able to understand the health status and more effectively plan field service access.
2, generator remote health diagnosis and potential fault diagnosis
Daily maintenance of generator is not enough, the generator of loss can't estimate, but also unable to obtain evidence generator really healthy, normal operation, will suddenly stop working, if you are need power unit occurrence this phenomenon does not work, then it will cause a delay of the transaction and influence.In the production of various fees, and over budget.LIXISE generators cloud service management system, and using force can be real-time monitoring of your unit, real-time diagnosis for health, the system will for your unit to carry on the scientific and effective diagnostic analysis, in the event of potential fail safe hidden trouble, the system is automatic alarm, to remind you where there is a need to maintain, will not cause unnecessary cost overruns.


3, the greatest degree and reduce the influence of fuel theft
Completely avoid fuel theft may be difficult, because every time the number of stolen often few;Oil can be transported into or in the field of generator theft.However, you can use connection fuel sensor of the remote monitoring system, to ensure that when the filling transfer the correct amount of fuel.Using intelligent oil level sensor, can track the oil level in tank.Can be calibrated fuel sensor to induction fill up fuel tank, due to understand this information, we can confirm the tank filling is correct.Good performance of the oil level sensor to detect the 3-5 litres of fuel oil change.Can detect abnormal oil drop, indicating that fuel theft.The support alarm remote monitoring system, can instantly send notifications in case of theft.Even if it is difficult to catch the thief, at least we can clear the fuel theft and plans to replenish ourselves, to ensure that the generator has the required fuel operation.The fuel oil level in the tank track can improve the attention to the fuel situation, help users understand when theft.Sometimes, organized theft is common, take this way can type and take steps to help detect the theft.
Manage lixise generator remote intelligent monitoring system can monitor the change of your oil level measurement, also has the function of satellite positioning, in order to prevent the stolen, your unit fuel theft.

4, remote testing start generator to reduce the start problem
As already parked cars, for a long time for a long time not running generator engine problems may start.For not always run backup generators, start to run the test on a regular basis is very important.Use has the control remote management solution, and connect the generator controller can carry out remote testing start.Just take simple operation, such as remote run the test, can be in power generators and need improve the possibility of generators.
Cloud service management system, using LIXISE generator can remote unit start-stop, control your units at any time and place, not to open the generator of choose and employ persons, saves manpower and financial resources for the company.If the generator maintenance, the operation will be better, and low operating cost, because the unplanned services are usually expensive.

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