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Diesel generator control system application

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Diesel generator control system application


Working principle and algorithm of the control system of diesel generator set is very complex, each circuit design has its specific algorithm for implementation.Diesel generating set controller system is the heart of the generating set, the use of intelligent control system greatly improved the operation of the diesel generator set, guarantee the stability of the diesel generator set, then the control system principle and algorithm by which to achieve?Diesel generator set control part of the traditional analog circuit, digital excitation controller excitation controller has high precision, fast response, adaptive control algorithm, the different characteristics of the motor only by adjusting the process parameters in order to adapt to, and even can achieve higher the adaptive intelligent control algorithm, etc.
The core controller for diesel generator control system, hardware configuration and realization of function.Running shows that the system has high reliability, good technical and economic indicators, convenient maintenance, the remote monitoring, diagnosis, an online operation and the debug function make the system reliable operation when unattended, improves the security, reliability of the control system and enterprise levels of measurement, control, tube integration.

LXC6610 series power station automation controller used for a single diesel generating sets automation and monitoring system, using 32-bit microprocessor technology, the realization of generating set automatic starting/stopping, various parameters precision measurement, alarm, protection function, through the built-in wireless communication module and a mobile phone, which can be connected to the cloud server anywhere in the world, realize the remote monitoring of the unit, health examination, early failure prevention, remote fault diagnosis and so on Services.Controller with high precision electronic components, the working temperature range is very wide: - 32 ~ 75 ℃.Custom manufacturer LOG to boot interface, and multi-language operation, including the Chinese simplified (traditional), English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, all parameters can be adjusted from the controller panel.Its compact structure, simple connection, high reliability, can be widely used in various types of generating set automation system, can also be used for fire pump, air compressor, etc. Automatic control system.

Product Characteristic

1WIFI connection technology
Built-in smart WIFI connection technology, through a smartphone or wireless router, any network, reliable connection to the cloud server, when there is no WIFI and mobile network, automatically save all the data within the module, once connected to the external network automatically update the data to the cloud server;Has advanced self health check function, the controller through a more comprehensive generating set data, do data analysis for generating set, found potential problems in advance, to enhance the operation reliability of the unit, at the same time for the user to save the cost of professional and technical personnel, please check.

2, The black box record
Built-in black box recorder to record the failure before 18 seconds every second data, the data through mobile phones or WIFI uploaded to the cloud Service, realize remote fault diagnosis;With functions of battery performance testing, by examining the starting motor in generator starting moment, the fall of battery voltage, and the standby unit when the battery voltage, calculate the aging rate of the battery;
3, power generation data record function
For each process of generating a record store, contains the boot time, downtime, power generation time, generating electricity.Can record recently 6000 power, as an effective basis for power generation cost accounting;Also has the excitation voltage detection and electrically adjustable output voltage detection, provide more data for remote fault diagnosis;Fault record function: can record the recent article 600 fault record, controller failure is detected instant generator all running data and save the record to the Flash memory, can query on the screen, can also be uploaded to the computers and mobile phones.

4、The control protection function
To realize automatic diesel and gas generator starting/stopping, close/brake switch (ATS) and perfect fault display protection function, when multiple warning, warning column will display them in turn, facilitate analysis reason;Mains with over voltage, under voltage, frequency, frequency, phase and reverse phase sequence warning function, power generation has overvoltage, undervoltage, over frequency, low frequency, over current, lack of phase, reverse phase sequence warning and stop protection function;All outlet for relay output, the output and mainly adopts 16 a relay output, at the same time there are three passive relay output, more convenient for complex applications.

Technical parameters

Continuous working voltage DC8.0 V to 35.0 V power supply
The whole machine < 3 w power consumption (standby mode: 2 w or less)
Alternator voltage input:
Three phase four wire 15 V to 360 V AC (ph - N)
Three-phase three-wire 26 V - 620 - V AC (ph ph) -
Single-phase secondary 15 V to 360 V AC (ph - N)
Two phase three line 15 V to 360 V AC (ph - N)
50/60 hz ac generator frequency
2.2-100 Vpp speed sensor voltage Vpp (fengfeng value)
Maximum speed sensor frequency 10000 hz
Starter relay output 16 amp controller power supply voltage output
Fuel supply voltage relay output 16 amp controller output
1 amp 250 vac programmable relay output passive output
2 7 amp 250 vac programmable relay output passive output
3 16 amp 250 vac programmable relay output passive output
4 16 amp 250 vac programmable relay output passive output
Overall dimensions 210 mm x 152 mm x 46 mm
186 mm x 141 mm hole size
Ct (current transformer) secondary current 5 a rating
Working conditions temperature (25 ℃ ~ + 70) humidity: (20 ~ 90) %
Temperature storage conditions: (to 40 ℃ ~ + 85)
IP55 protection grade: when equipped with waterproof rubber ring between controller and the control panel.
IP42: when no add waterproof rubber ring between controller and the control panel.
Object: insulation strength between the input/output/power supply
Reference: IEC688-1992
Test method: AC1.5 kV / 1 min 3 ma leakage current
Weight: 0.68 kg

Application of special industry
Application management: 1, leasing industry provides a perfect solution, leased out through computer/mobile phone remote management unit, can monitor all operational parameters (pressure, temperature, voltage, current, power, etc.), may at any time change the configuration in order to protect the unit by improper application, can record 600 article detailed fault information, including: the fault time, reason, at the time of voltage, current, power, oil pressure, water temperature and other key parameters, and can be uploaded to the monitoring machine at any time.To facilitate the lease management item otherwise multilevel password management.
2, the application of fire pump industry: the key pump application configuration, monitoring of generator parameters, no longer can use powerful programmable input/output port and internal programmable logic to realize automation of water pump control system.Instead of the traditional PLC + simple way of diesel engine controller.Make the system more stable and reliable.
3, the application of air compressor industry: shut down after the voltage measurement protection, according to the need to configure the programmable analog input, using overload protection, cooperate with programmable digital input, complete the start control, temperature and pressure control, protection of parameter Settings, and so on.


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