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Generator date acquisition module introduction

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Generator date acquisition module introduction


Generator data acquisition module platform of remote data acquisition module, communication module, it will communication chips, memory chips, such as integrated on a circuit board, make its have to send and receive messages sent by the remote data acquisition module platform, voice and data transmission function.Remote data acquisition module can realize remote data acquisition module ordinary mobile phone main communication function, also can saying is a "lite" mobile phone.Computer, MCU, ARM through RS232 serial port with the remote data acquisition module, through the AT command control module implements all sorts of voice and data communications functions

Data acquisition module is mainly used for industrial data transmission module applications, remote data acquisition module has obvious advantages than GPRS module on the rate.But the use of remote data acquisition module in industry to lags far behind the application of GPRS module.Main reason on the one hand, remote data acquisition module network coverage and the construction is inferior to the GSM network is perfect, the other is because of the cost of remote data acquisition module module early is much higher than the GSM module 2-4 times at least, makes the production cost is much higher.
The series of products are divided into LXI980G - GSM/CDMA/ET three models, to meet customer GPRS (mobile unicom) wireless communication, the CDMA (telecom) wireless communication, Ethernet cable communication and WIFI wireless communication requirements.Compatible with deep sea respectively, Michael, kay, and all the wisdom, mainstream LIXISE ontroller (since more and more compatible with the controller's website shall prevail).The model of "G" said this product has the GPS, the following will introduce LXI980G as.

LXI980G with GPS global satellite positioning function is a industrial GPRS/CDMA/ET products.The product internal integration with high performance and low power consumption of industrial-grade GPS module and GPRS/CDMA/ET module, GPS global positioning technology and wireless GPRS/CDMA/ET communication technology perfect combination of a product, its appearance is small, strong and durable, stable and reliable, installer, which can be widely used in construction, transportation and other industries.Especially suitable for tower crane monitoring, heavy machinery management, but also can be used for taxi operation management, transport vehicles, special vehicles, vehicle rental management and related areas such as leasing.


Product characteristics

A variety of connection
A variety of ways to connect to the Internet (optional) : wired Ethernet, WIFI, 2 g / 3 g / 4 g wireless networks, suitable for all kinds of application scenarios;(note: standalone application is a module monitoring unit, weaver application is a module monitoring a group of units).Module USES patented technology: with 2-3 times per second the adoption rate of high-speed data acquisition, data at the instant of the failure, the module immediately capture failure data and uploaded to the cloud server, truly realize the remote fault diagnosis, problem solve after-sales service.
2, compatible with multiple brands controller
Our data transmission is more than just support our own company's controller, also compatible with many brands at home and abroad, such as, deep sea, KaiXun, the think tank, etc., let people have more choices.
3, improve security
In order to improve the safety of crew module USES encryption algorithm and the network data communication protocol of the ciphertext, also USES the compression algorithm, reduce network traffic;Module according to the configuration of the historical data upload interval, uploaded to the server will be collected real-time data, historical data record and query;Module also has the speed input interface and other special interface, and is suitable for old generating units connected, and built-in startup control and protection;Power supply: 8 ~ 35 VDC, matching can be used directly sets the starting batteries

Technical parameters
Network type: GPRS mobile station type/GPRS time slot type CDMA2000 1 x/Ethernet
Spectrum: GSM850/900/1800/1900 MHZ CDMA 800 MHZ
GPRS is the biggest: 85.6 Kbps
Biggest CDMA: 153.6 Kbps
GPRS/CDMA transmission rate, GPRS biggest: 42.8 Kbps CDMA biggest: 153.6 Kbps
SIM card voltage;2.85 V / 1.8 V
The antenna interface: 50 ohm/SMA (female head
A serial port level types: RS - 232 standard level/RS485 / LINK/CAN
A serial port baud rate: 300 ~ 115200 BPS
Adapter power supply: DC: + 6 v ~ 36 v
Power consumption: work: biggest 800 ma - 104 DBM
Standby: 30 mA or less
Working temperature: 25 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃
Storage temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃
Humidity range: 0 ~ 95%

1, low investment cost, saving the cost of power generation, the investment cost recovery fast, an investment, long-term benefit.
2, to strengthen the management of the power generation process, put an end to any length, human like now, such as a switch, light power base station maintenance cost.
3, increased power generation scheduling management, especially the security emergency power generation scheduling, balanced cut in oil machine utilization rate and improve the ability of base station of a power outage protection, security stations interrupted.
4, strengthen the generator maintenance management, reduce the generator of the scrap rate.
5, power generation cost management more scientific and more reasonable.

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