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Diesel generator wireless date transmission module

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Diesel generator wireless date transmission module

Brief introduction

Wireless data transmission module is to use digital signal processing, digital modulation demodulation, with forward error correction, balanced soft decision functions such as wireless data transmission module.Difference and analog FM radio MODEM analog digital radio, electric provide transparent RS232 interface, data transmission rate of 19.2 Kbps, transceiver conversion time small 10 ms, have the instructions, such as field intensity, temperature, voltage error statistics, state the alarm, network management, and other functions.Wireless digital radio as a medium of communication, as well as optical fiber, microwave, open wire, there is a certain scope of application: it provides some special under the condition of private network monitoring signals in real-time and reliable data transmission, low cost, easy installation and maintenance, diffraction capability is strong, flexible network structure, the coverage is far characteristic, suitable for some and more scattered and complex geographical environment, etc.

The product concept

LXI680G is an industrial-grade GPRS DTU products with GPS global satellite positioning function.The product internal integration of high performance, low power consumption industrial-grade GPS module and GPRS module, GPS global positioning technology and wireless GPRS communication technology perfect knot of a product.It is based on ARM platform, the embedded operating system, the built-in industrial-grade module, it can be used in harsh environments, working temperature Scope of application can be up to 40 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃.Provide standard RS232 serial interface, can be quickly and PLC, industrial control, instrument, instrument, RTU equipment is linked together, will be linked to LXI680G equipment through GPRS network data transmission to a host on the Internet, realize the transparent data remote transmission, at the same time to the front-end equipment of GPS location information reported to host, achieve the positioning equipment.

LXI680G has positioning, wireless data communication and data processing capacity, compact appearance, durable, stable and reliable, installer, which can be widely used in construction, transportation and other industries.Especially suitable for tower crane monitoring, heavy machinery management, but also can be used for taxi operation management, transport vehicles, special vehicles, vehicle rental management and related areas such as leasing.

Product application

Through LXI680G module allows users on the far side of equipment and management center of computers for transparent data communication.Transparent data communication: means for no communication protocol between the user equipment and DTU, DTU send user equipment of do not modify data transmitted to the target PC, running on the PC software can complete to receive packets from DTU.Send one byte data such as user equipment of 0 x68, then in a PC running software will receive a byte 0 x68 data.From the PC to user equipment of the communication process is the same

Generator wireless data collection and transmission module of its powerful, with thousands of configurable parameters, we provide a variety of convenient way to configure.From the boundary surface, including "character configuration mode" and "graphic configuration mode.Do not need special tools way configuration of a character, just a bunch of mouth debugging tools can (such as "serial debugging assistant"), the method directly using the configuration command DTU operation.Graphic configuration using a special match buy tools (software and ancillary products, software interface is friendly and easy to use.Essentially graphics configuration is also use configuration Order to set the DTU, it's just the configuration tool orders have completed the issue and resolution.So the user can also write your own configuration tool.From distance points, including a "local serial port configuration" and "remote GPRS wireless configuration", they use the same format.The entire distribution process as shown in figure 3.1, the following will be effected according to the process sequence respectively introduce the operation steps, in order to make you can be the right match and read these parameters, please carefully read the content.

The product performance and features

1, 6 v ~ 26 v wide range power supply
2, data transparent transmission, easy to use
3, support the dynamic domain name or IP address to access the data center
4, support, always online, free referrals and idle power lost three works
5, support functions of text messages and telephone wake up
6, support bolt automatic reconnection functions
7, support local and remote graphical interface configuration and maintenance
8, configuration and maintenance support text messages

GPRS mobile station type CLASS B
GPRS mobile station type CLASS 10
Spectrum: GSM850/900/1800/1900 MHZ
GPRS network transmission rate:
Downside: largest 85.6 Kbps
Uplink biggest: 42.8 Kbps
Encoding: CS CS - CS - 1, 2, 3, the CS - 4
SIM card voltage 3 V, 1.8 V
The antenna interface: 50 ohm/SMA (mother)
A serial port level types: RS - 232 standard level
A serial port interface models: the DB9
A serial port baud rate: 300 ~ 115200 BPS (support standard baud rate)
Adapter power supply: DC: + 6 V ~ 36 V (standard adapter: + 6.3 V, 2 a)
Power consumption
Work: 380 ma (TBD)
Machine: < < 80 ma (TBD)
Spare time: < < 80 ma (TBD)
Useing: < < 60 ma (TBD)
Working temperature: 25 ° C to + 70 ° C
Storage temperature: - 40 ° C to + 80 ° C
Temperature range: 0 ~ 95% (condensate)

1, offline support always online, free, free electricity, ringing rolled off the production line, SMS offline and offline data center ordered online, a variety of ways
2, always-on mode (fly) : module is powered on predefined server after active connections, and always maintain the online state, along with the can be rapidly for data transmission.
3, free offline mode: when the module is connected to the server, if there is no data transmission over a period of time (no hair number according to the data center end, a serial port equipment end also didn't send data), DTU will disconnect from the server, enter a dormant state.Communication free time can be used in the "transmission control" "idle time out (IDLETIM)" configuration commands to set, set time shortest 30 seconds to 65536 seconds, longest step for a second.
4, idle power mode: the mode of working condition is similar to "free offline model", the difference is in the idle power model "of DTU after disconnect with the server connection, DTU will cut off the GPRS module power supply, and make the whole system into power down state, achieve the goal of low power consumption.Under the system power state machine low consumption in 60 ma, is suitable for the occasion used batteries, intermittent communication.
Note: after the DTU disconnect with the server connection, there is only one way can make the DTU module to establish a connection with the server.Is a serial port to send data to the DTU, DTU can be awakened, and then connect to data center server automatically, module will connect to the server After the success of these data will be sent out.If the user does not take the initiative to the DTU equipment serial port to send data, DTU will be unable to connect to the server, please configure this carefully.Messages offline model: is via SMS activation module, send text messages to the module as shown in figure 3.5, can make the module connection to disconnect the service.Such as: 123456, LINEOFF, ON DTU password (6 characters), LINEOFF, ON figure 3.5 module offline message format
Ringing offline mode (keep) : when DTU online, by phone lines, just dial DTU SIM card number, as long as listen to the DTU hang up, DTU has rolled off the production line.The model can reduce the GPRS communication traffic costs.(use the authorized user number) please note that configuration data center command offline mode: is the data center link sent DTU disconnect with the server.This mode is convenient for the user directly DTU disconnect the server via the data center link.Without having to rely on other ways of offline.

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