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Diesel generator remote controller

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Diesel generator remote controller


Diesel generating set is like the heart of the generating set remote control module, intelligent control system of using large in improving the operation of the diesel generator set guarantee the stability of the diesel generator set working hours.The control module is how to through the principle and algorithm to implement?Control part of the diesel generator set, digital excitation controller than traditional analog excitation controller has high precision, fast response, the control algorithm is adaptable, with different features only by adjusting the process parameters in order to adapt to the motor, can achieve even higher the adaptive intelligent control algorithm, etc.Diesel generator is also called the generator mechanical control controller, remote control module used to monitor the operation of generating set.Through a variety of sensor input signals, focused on a screen.Such as voltage, current, operation time, oil pressure, water temperature, three-phase voltage, frequency, power and other parameters according to the function of the module type has more or less.At the same time can run the generator is not normal to sign of sexual alarm, such as high temperature alarm, low oil pressure

The structure components

Generator by the generator intelligent controller, wireless remote monitoring system of data acquisition unit (DTU), the server, the monitoring center.It available the following two methods respectively, with the user a variety of options:
(1), based on LIXISE first in the global LXC6610 cloud controller as the core of electric control system, and health service system of cloud, and the user terminal of the complete cloud generator set;
(2) with common brand model controller as the core of the electronic control system, combined with octopus collector LXI980, health services in the cloud system, the user terminal of the complete cloud generator.


The product positioning

LXC6610 series power station automation controller used for a single diesel generating sets automation and monitoring system, using 32-bit microprocessor technology, the realization of generating set automatic starting/stopping, various parameters precision measurement, alarm, protection function, through the built-in wireless communication module and a mobile phone, which can be connected to the cloud server anywhere in the world, realize the remote monitoring of the unit, health examination, early failure prevention, remote fault diagnosis and so on Services.Controller with high precision electronic components, the working temperature range is very wide: - 32 ~ 75 ℃.Custom manufacturer LOG to boot interface, and multi-language operation, including the Chinese simplified (traditional), English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, all parameters can be adjusted from the controller panel.Its compact structure, simple connection, high reliability, can be widely used in various types of generating set automation system, can also be used for fire pump, air compressor and other automation control system,

1, self-examination,
It has advanced self health check function, the controller through a more comprehensive generating set data, do data analysis for generating set, before find out potential failure, enhance the operation reliability of the unit, at the same time for the user to save the cost of professional and technical personnel, please check.Built-in black box recorder to record the failure before 18 seconds every second data, the data through mobile phones or WIFI uploaded to the cloud Service, realize remote fault diagnosis;Battery performance detection, by examining the starting motor in generator starting moment, the fall of battery voltage, and the unit standby when the battery voltage, to calculate the aging rate of the battery;Excitation voltage detection and electrically adjustable output voltage detection, provide more data for remote fault diagnosis;


2, Fault record history
It can have 2100 hours of historical data record, per minute (configurable) each record run all of the data, the data can by hand machine or WIFI uploaded to the cloud server, in order to check the unit health status and analysis the cause of the problem;Can record recently 600 fault, controller failure is detected in an instant generator all running data and save the record to the Flash memory, can query on the screen, can also be uploaded to the computer and cell phone inquiries, also has the function of the average load rate calculation, let users understand the generator load;
3, Control, protection function
To realize automatic diesel and gas generator starting/stopping, close/brake switch (ATS) and perfect fault display protection function, when multiple warning, warning column will display them in turn, facilitate analysis reason;All outlet for relay output, the output and mainly adopts 16 a relay output, at the same time there are three passive relay output, more convenient for the application of complex;Five sensor interface, two configurable, three fixed sensors (temperature, pressure, liquid level), a variety of temperature, pressure, oil bits sensing curves can be directly choose, and can be custom sensor curve;Mains with over voltage, under voltage, frequency, frequency, phase and reverse phase sequence warning function, power generation has overvoltage, undervoltage, over frequency, low frequency, over current, lack of phase, reverse phase sequence warning and stop protection function;

1, Remote monitoring and controls
No matter anywhere in the world, as long as there is network, can use mobile phone or PC computer remote monitoring the operation of the generator set data, control the operation of the generator set, in addition to the basic information monitoring unit, also can be used to detect the excitation voltage, electric adjustable output voltage, bearing temperature, winding temperature, etc.A more comprehensive monitoring for accurately check the health status of the unit.

2, mobile phone remote monitoring display
USES the camera embedded technology, can clearly see the cloud generator in remote site environment, avoid accidental operation risk events.Generator running state of real-time dynamic data display, clear understanding of the current generator running state, each detail data real-time display engine, engine real-time running is normal.According to each detail data generator, whether to understand the parameters of the generator in the normal range.
3, improve reliability - health monitoring unit
Through powerful intelligent data fetching patent technology, grab the motor starting before and after the battery voltage, no-load voltage and speed for 10 seconds, excitation voltage, the electric adjustable output voltage, bearing temperature, etc, the automatic analysis of the data and generate a health check report every week, realize the health examination and early failure prevention, allows users to make maintenance, according to health guarantee the stable operation of the unit, prolong the life of generator set.
4, Quickly solve the problem of fault - black box patent technology
Unit fails, the manufacturer directly through the cloud server for 18 seconds of black, technical personnel to analyze data, remote fault diagnosis, reduced for fault situation of communication between manufacturers and users, quick analysis the cause of the problem, solve the problem

5.Reduce the user cost
Through self health examination, each unit can save at least 5000 yuan of above inspection fee each year.Don't need to please the teacher to do routine check.Avoid excessive maintenance unit: unit failure need maintenance, through the fault diagnosis, do it "knows", avoid excessive maintenance.Unit failure, through the remote fault diagnosis, quickly solve the problem of fault, reduce the indirect economic loss caused by failure.

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