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Overview of the development process of the diesel generator

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Commonly used as an AC power supply , standby and emergency power generators used oil collection has been widely used in many vessels collar city , and communications of the national economy in recent years , due to economic development and the uneven distribution of resources caused by power shortages, especially Southern coastal power shortage phenomenon highlights that the role of diesel generators in national economic development is more apparent from the 1960s, the use of hand start , was on duty in ordinary units, successfully developed 70 years since the launch of the unit , unattended unit, the successful development of the 1980s unattended units, micro- computer-controlled automation units, to 90 years of low-emission , low-noise units applied research , technology and equipment level diesel generator set is constantly improving . modern Wing oil generators with flexible, convenient , high degree of automation , low noise and low emission characteristics . With the continuous development of science and technology, new technologies, new Modern Wing makes the outcome has a higher oil generators to strengthen , reliability , stability and good release characteristics irresolute , continue to meet their higher modern society requirements.

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