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Composition and classification of diesel generating sets

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( A ) generating composition

Diesel generator is a generator set of the tender by the diesel engine, three-phase AC synchronous generator and control systems ( including automatic detection, control and protection devices ) and other three parts.

Diesel engines , generators and control systems mobile diesel generator set ( box ) all assembled on a common base ; while the larger stationary power units and diesel generators mounted on welded steel base made public and mounted on a specially designed reinforced concrete base, control systems and other equipment such contingent tank unit and the unit is usually installed separately .

Diesel generator flywheel cover the front shoulder axial positioning using a direct connection constitute one and the use of back -cylindrical flexible coupling directly driven by a flywheel generator rotation. Such connections are secured together by screws , so that the two integrally connected , ensure that the concentricity of the inner engine crankshaft and the generator rotor in a predetermined range.

To reduce noise , the unit generally need to install special muffler unit under special circumstances need to be fully shielded . In order to reduce the vibration of the unit, in diesel engines , generators , water tanks and electrical control box and other major public chassis components and connections , usually fitted with shock absorbers or rubber damping pads.

(B ) Classification and function generators

Many types of diesel generator sets , according to their structure , control and protection functions can be divided into the following types.

1、basic generator unit 

The most common kind of unit , the diesel engine, generator controller , closed tanks, fuel tanks , mufflers, synchronous AC generator , excitation voltage adjustment device , the control box ( screen ) , coupling and chassis components. Unit has voltage and speed automatic adjustment feature. Usually used as the main power or standby power Jia .

2、since the launch of the generator unit

The unit is to increase the automatic control system based on the basic unit . It has automatic function. When an external power source ( mains ) sudden power failure, the unit can automatically start , automatic switch , automatic operation, automatic transmission and automatic parking function ; when low oil pressure , oil temperature or the cooling water temperature is too high, can automatically audible alarm signal ; speeding when the unit can automatically emergency stop protection.

3、computer controlled automatic generator sets

Improve the performance of the unit by a diesel engine , a three-phase brushless synchronous generator , tender automatic oil supply device , automatic oil supply device , automatic cooling water supply system and automatic control panel components. Automatic control panel with programmable controllers PLC automatic control , in addition to from the start , since the switch, self-running , self- stopping people from investment and other functions , also has a variety of fault alarm and automatic protection devices. In addition , it is through RS232 communication interface with a host computer connected to centralized monitoring, remote control, remote communication and telemetry , so that unattended.

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