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Characteristics of the diesel generator set

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Characteristics of the diesel generator set

Diesel generator set is a multi-disciplinary field of diesel engines, generators and generator automatic control system technology intersect . Diesel generators are diesel powered generating equipment , it is compared with the conventional steam generators, turbine generator set, gas turbine generator sets disaster , nuclear power generators and other power generation equipment , with a compact , small footprint, thermal efficiency high , start fast, flexible control and A material storage and convenient.

1. multi- level unit capacity

Stand-alone diesel generator capacity disk from a few kilowatts to tens of thousands of kilowatts, is currently the largest single domestic unit capacity of several thousand kilowatts. Commonly used for shipbuilding, telecommunications, high-rise buildings , industrial and mining enterprises , military facilities, the unit capacity of emergency and standby generators , selectable capacity range, with electricity load capacity for a variety of advantages .

When using diesel generators as an emergency and standby power , can be one or more units, installed capacity of most flexibly configured according to actual needs .

2. compact equipment structure , flexible installation location

Aircraft turbine oil equipment is relatively simple , less auxiliary equipment, small size and light weight. Groups need to build dams and turbines , steam boilers in the comparison group to be equipped with fuel reserves and water treatment systems. Small footprint diesel generators , construction speed, low investment costs.

Common generators usually equipped and independent way , and backup generators or emergency generators and distribution equipment generally used in conjunction Since the unit is generally not parallel with the outside ( the city ) grid operation , and the unit does not require adequate water [ diesel cooling water consumption of 34-52L / (kW "h), only eight turbogenerator I Diao . , and small footprint , the unit's flexible installation location .

3. high thermal efficiency, low fuel consumption

High thermal efficiency of the diesel engine is a heat engine , the thermal efficiency of 30% -46 % , the high pressure steam turbine approximately 20% -40 % , about 20-30 % of the gas turbine . Therefore lower fuel consumption diesel generator .

4. start quickly , and can quickly reach full power

Start paddle oil machine is generally only a few seconds can be achieved in a state of emergency in 1min full load operation ; under normal operating conditions at about 5 ^-30min to reach full capacity within , and steam power plant from start to full load general Ru to 3-4h. shutdown process of the diesel engine is very short, you can start and stop frequently . Therefore, it is suitable as a diesel generator emergency generator or standby generator set .

5. simple maintenance operations

Fewer personnel required operations and maintenance during standby easy.

6. the lowest overall cost of oil -wing turbine construction and power generation

Diesel generator sets in four-stroke diesel engines generally , water-cooled , high-speed internal combustion engine . Tender with a non-renewable diesel or mixed with renewable energy such as acetic drunk deep in diesel , bio- wing oil , compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) , etc. in order to save energy and protect the environment. Tender after burning diesel emissions mainly NO =, CO, HC, PM ( Ying tablets ) , environmental pollution, and exhaust voice sound bigger. Nevertheless, Rong oil generators and hydro, wind , solar and other renewable energy power generation and nuclear power, thermal power , compared with a very distinct advantage : Building Wing oil generator sets and integrated power generation cost is the lowest .

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