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Technical characteristics of diesel generators

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Technical characteristics of diesel generators

Most diesel engines used to generate electricity for the common use of diesel generators or other product variants , which typically has the following six characteristics.

1. due to the alternating current dumping rate is fixed at 50 Hz, and therefore speed unit can only be 3000r/min, 1500r/min, 1000r/min, 750r/min, 500r/min, 375r/min and 300r/min. To 1500r/min majority.

2.the output voltage of the diesel generator is 400/230V ( large units of 6.3kV), a frequency of 50Hz. Power factor cos #. O. 8.

3. a wide power range . Diesel power generation from . 0.5kW changes to the tens of thousands of kilowatts. Typically, diesel power generation mobile power station , backup power, emergency power supply , or used in the rural 12-1500kW range. Fixed or marine plants use as a common power supply , the power of up to tens of kilowatts.

4. with a certain power reserve. An oil power generation machines generally run in stable conditions . Higher loading rate . Emergency and standby power supply is generally calibrated to 12h . Commonly used for the calibration of continuous power supply . Units supporting the motor drive power should be deducted stolen and excitation power , and leave some power reserves. Therefore, power should be divided by the matching engine power unit supporting ratio ( see Table 1.4 features supporting all kinds of diesel generator sets ) .

5. are more speeder . To ensure the stability of the generator output voltage and frequency , are generally equipped with a high-performance speed control means . For parallel operation and power units and people are equipped with speed adjustment device . Speed diesel engines for power generation requirements in Table 1.4 .

6. with higher reliability and automation capabilities. Function more comprehensive emergency station troops there from the start , automatic loading , automatic fault alarm and automatic protection function, automatic generators can run without operator , to achieve unattended.

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