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Remote monitoring system for generator power generator maintenance play a role and significance

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Since the "11th five-year plan", along with the national macroeconomic policy adjustment, the power construction investment increasing, electric power facilities improve, generator from the main market quickly into standby market phase, generator maintenance work patterns are changing.Early years were at 20% utilization of the generator, the generator fault will be more, so many users enterprises have to choose a professional maintenance personnel for maintenance, please.But as the power up, the d steady over the past two years, use of generators, gradually to around 5%, in this case, please a professional maintenance teacher salary is too high, increased spending a lot of manpower cost, had to choose to maintenance, with the help of generator maintenance company will cost down, but still need a lot of maintenance and management costs.

LIXiSE generator remote monitoring system adopts centralized and unified management, unmanned, remote real-time monitoring parameters, remote start-stop, timing boot training, automatic inspection maintenance, fault alarm analysis, record store retransmission function such as characteristics, and can through the PC, APP phone remote monitoring management.As long as we have a computer or cell phone in hand, can control the operation of generator anytime and anywhere.Time, greatly improve the efficiency of the generator user or maintenance personnel, greatly save the manpower cost, using the system a year to save maintenance cost at least 3500 yuan.So saidRemote monitoring management system for generator power generator maintenance plays a very important economic benefit and value, the future operation of the generator maintenance mode will follow information integration.

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