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 LXC6320 Generator contoller

LXC6320 Generator contoller

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  •       LXC6320:Based on the increase in LXC6310 electric power monitoring and the city electricity / powerautomatic switching control function (AMF), especially suitable for stand-alone automationsystem....

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Product Description:

LXC6320 Series power plant automation controller integrating digital, intelligent and network technology, diesel generator sets for a single automation and monitoring system, automatic generator start / stop, data measure and alarming, and "three remote" (to be equipped with RS485 module) function. Controller with large-screen LCD display, Chinese, English, Spanish and Russian optional interface with operation easy and reliable operation. Parameters to achieve a variety of precision measurement, setpoint adjustment, timing and threshold setting and other functions, the controller of all parameters can be adjusted from the controller front panel, or by using a PC via USB, RS232 interface programming, adjustment and monitoring. Its compact, simple wiring, high reliability, and can be widely used in all types of generator automation systems.

Main features:

1. 132x64 LCD with backlight, optional language interface (Chinese, English, Spanish and Russian), push-button operation;

2. Adapt to 3 phase 4 wire, single phase 2 wire, 3 phase 3 wire and 2 phase 3 wire (120/240V), 50/60Hz power supply; 

3. The controller Can measure and display 3-phase voltage, 3-phase current, frequency, and power;

4. For mains: Over/under voltage, lack of phase; for generator: over/under voltage, over/under frequency, over current;

5. Precision measure and display engine parameters: Coolant temperature, oil pressure, fuel quantity, charger voltage, and depending on the setting for effective protection of the engine, to avoid accidental damage to the engine;

6. Control protection: Automatic start/stop, switch on/off (ATS control) and fault display;

7. With ETS, idle control, pre-heat control, acceleration and deceleration control, all are relay output; 

8. Parameters setting: Allow user to modify parameters and store them in internal EEPROM, which cannot be lost even when power off. All the parameters can be adjusted from the front panel, or by PC via USB;

9. Types of temperature and pressure sensor can be directly used and user defined;

10. Conditions of crank disconnect can be selected.(magnetic pickup, oil pressure, generator);

11. Power supply range is (8~35)VDC, accommodating to different starting voltage;

12. Modular design, flame retardant ABS shell, plug-in terminals, embedded mounting, compact structure, easy installation.





Operating Voltage

DC8.0V to DC35.0V, Continuous Power Supply. 

Power Consumption

< 3W ( standby:≤ 2W )

Alternator Input Range 

3 -Phase 4-Wire 

3 -Phase 3-Wire 

Single-phase 2-wire 

2 -Phase 3-Wire:

20V AC - 360 V AC (ph-N)

30V AC - 600 V AC (ph-ph)

20V AC - 360 V AC (ph-N)

20V AC - 360 V AC (ph-N)

Alternator Frequency


Speed sensor voltage VPP

1.0 to 70V(Peak to peak )

Speed sensor Frequency 


Start Relay Output

16Amp  Controller Power Voltage Output

Fuel Relay Output

16Amp  Controller Power Voltage Output

Programmable Relay Output 1

16Amp  Controller Power Voltage Output

Programmable Relay Output 2

16Amp  Controller Power Voltage Output

Programmable Relay Output3

16Amp  Controller Power Voltage Output

Programmable Relay Output4

16Amp  250VAC voltage free output 

Close Generator Relay Output 5

16Amp  250VAC voltage free output 

Close Mains Relay Output 6

16Amp  250VAC voltage free output 

Case Dimension

240mm x 172mm x 57mm

Panel cutout

214mm x 160mm

C.T. Secondary

5A Rated

Working Conditions

Temperature: ( -25 ~ 70 )℃and humidity: ( 20 ~ 90 ) %

Storage Condition


Protection Level

IP55: when waterproof rubber seal installed between controller and panel fascia. 

IP42: when waterproof rubber seal is not installed between the controller and panel fascia.


Insulating Intensity

Object: input/output/power 

Quote standard: IEC688-1992 

Test way: AC1.5kV/1min  leakage current: 3mA 



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