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Diesel generator set controller status

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     Since the nineties of last century, the world has diesel engine electronic control technology as one of the indicators to measure advanced diesel generators.  Energy shortages, environmental issues, microelectronics and control theory and automation requirements increase, driven electronically controlled diesel engine is based on computer technology, especially as the core of digital electronic control technology innovation development.  Electronic speed control technology as the center of diesel generator controller design, causing the close attention of relevant personnel, deepening their research.  And has made many achievements.

      With the development of computer technology. There has been a microprocessor as the core of the digital electronic governor , that the fourth generation of electronic governor.  Its representative products for the German MTU company R082, or American WOODWARD company PROACT / I / II / III / IV and Japanese NABCO's MG-80 electronic governor, etc.  These products from the dedicated control a microprocessor and a number of input-output interface circuit, in addition to input and output signals, the parts of the system by software programming.  By John of the signal is reduced, it has strong adaptability and functionality scalability.  Electronic governor which R082 main functions: speed, limit function (such as oil most, boost pressure, etc.); measuring the output analog signals (speed, gear lever position); R082 Fault Operation Display Output: adjust output to an external monitoring system cruise control important parameters; guard function; tests and alternate function; parking and emergency stop.

      Country are: the Ministry of Industry 70 weapons developed by the Institute of EECS electronic governor, has formed a production capacity.  EECS soil up to the controllers, actuators , sensors , cables and operating parts, and diesel constitute a double loop speed control system, 16-bit microcontroller, continuous output torque up to 26N. m, output angle of 42 degrees, the DC power supply 24VDC, Maximum working current 4.7A, the whole response time 20ms, for diesel power range <= 2500KW.  In addition, the Ministry of Communications Shanghai Ship and Shipping Research Institute developed the CY9606-type marine digital electronic governor, through the assessment of marine conditions, fit a variety of standards bodies and high-speed diesel engines, steam turbines; School of Mechanical Engineering, Dalian University of Technology also developed a railway locomotive diesel generator with digital electronic governor.

       Today used diesel generator set controller, the vast majority were built on the electronic governor, based on the outside with load distributor, tied for reconciliation column controller, voltage regulator composed of a large system.  For the current diesel generator set controller functional, structural streamlining, cost reduction development. Is urgent to develop an inevitable requirement and trends. 

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