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Guangdong HuaZhou mobile base station generator remote management renovation project

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Guangdong HuaZhou is located in the coastal, typhoons, mains easy to interrupt, cannot be very good guarantee the stability of communication signals.Traditional manual management to meet the need that fee manpower material resources, and not in terms of management, for this, guangdong HuaZhou mobile branch in order to better guarantee the stable operation of base station power supply, the company focus and ordered to me 220 setsBase station remote monitoring system of oil machineIncluded in the,Base oil machine for remote controllerLXC7920、Wireless data transmission equipmentLXI680G, control box, andGenerator was electricLBC2405B.Used to deploy huazhou city issue of 220 sites.

Base station remote monitoring system of oil machine before modification

Lightning protection module, LIXiSE LXI680 wireless data transmission equipment, as well as the installation process controller, charger

Special data transmission equipment LXI680 LIXiSE bs

LIXiSE LXC7920 base oil machine remote monitoring controller in the normal display operation

Controller automatically store and forward the alarm records, provide the basis for generator remote maintenance

LIXiSE generator remote monitoring products have been installed

After transforming LIXiSE generator remote monitoring management system

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