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Dianbai mobile generator remote monitoring renovation project

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Guangdong dianbai county is located in the coastal and mountainous, summer typhoon or thunderstorm days is more, it is easy to mains interruption, no guarantee that the stable operation of the base station power supply.And once damaged requires human to on-site maintenance, greatly increase the cost of manpower and material loss, fatigue life ShangCai, in view of the base station computer room the urgent needs of the oil machine remote centralized management, guangdong mobile company takes the lead in the engine oil machine upgrading, bidding to the society, our company products absolute advantage and the best solution, get the recognition of mobile company, and also won the 112 sets Stationary generator remote monitoring system Accessory products.

Before modification, and USES a single Generator controllerTo realize the remote monitoring and management, and focus on more than one machine.

Oil machine remote before modification

Inside control box before modification.

Using LXI680 Wireless data transmission equipment, can quickly stable data transmission security.

After modification, installed the most advanced generator controller LXC7920 remote monitoring

Installed controller, test run, normal display various parameters of the interface.

Oil machine remote monitor and control project completion.

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