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Mobile zhanjiang company power supply monitoring renovation project

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Guangdong zhanjiang is located in the coast, is the typhoon prone areas, wind is very big, mains supply will often damaged, a direct impact on the power supply of base station, so we must make the pledge that we shall base station generator in good state standby at any time, ensure the power supply base.

Zhanjiang mobile base station oil machine improvement project we provides mobile base stations in zhanjiang oil machine improvement project with 212 sets of generator intelligent remote monitoring system, including a complete set of control box, first class and second class lightning protection module, etc.

Mobile zhanjiang branch of mobile towers in machine room

Engineers are installation and debugging for the customer

Engineering hardware configuration:

300 sets of huatai 30 kw generator

200 cape 30 kw generators.

500 units LIXiSE LXC7220 controller

500  LIXiSE  PX350 adjustable clamp

 LIXiSE  500 forceLXI680 remote wireless data terminal

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