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Dalang Town, Dongguan Government Case

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      September 2010 , Dalang Town, Dongguan City, the British government over Mongolia Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. has ordered a multi- platform 550KW generators Mongolia , this device is used as an emergency backup power to ensure Dalang Town, Dongguan City, in the absence of government supply of electricity or under normal operation of the power supply situation. The two sides negotiated through the good communication , formally signed a supply contract.


      This time, in October 2013 , Dalang Town, Dongguan City, Dongguan government to our group ordered Cheng Automation Equipment Co., generator control system supporting products , including controllers , ESC governor , AVR voltage regulator board , actuators , etc. generator parts . Corsa force generator controller has the following features: remote power through the control of the generator set from the start and stop signals , using the 32-bit ARM microcontroller, hardware integration and high reliability is further enhanced ; LCD LCD is 128x64, with backlight, Chinese , English and other languages optional interface operation , and can be on-site to choose, easy commissioning test machine ; with advanced networking features, via GSM mobile network and Internet connectivity , the network in any place can remotely monitor ; special for the leasing industry management provides the perfect solution: leasing out via PC remote management unit that monitors all operating parameters ( oil pressure , water temperature , voltage, current, power , etc. ) , you can change the configuration at any time to protect the unit is not appropriate the application can record 200 detailed fault information including: time to failure , because , when the key parameters of voltage, current , power, oil pressure , water temperature , etc., and ready to be uploaded to the monitoring machine . Another multi-level password management to facilitate the lease term management.

       The two sides signed a supply agreement , in order to give time and quality Dalang Town, Dongguan City government supply, Prudential group related design , technology and other personnel fully into production , and strictly implement quality management system standards to ensure that equipment parts and the whole machine quality and performance.


       Prudential Group is a professional manufacturer of generator set control system since its inception , with a strong advantage and strength, flexible marketing strategies in the domestic industry to break out a world of their own . Future , Prudential Group will consolidate the existing strengths of the foundation, strengthen technological innovation , enhance the independent research and development force , slowly but steadily towards the international market. Dongguan Cheng automation equipment group since its inception, has always adhered to the " customer-centric " service , the perfect quality demands to implement every aspect of production , continue to achieve the gradual improvement of products, and strive to provide excellent customer service , by virtue of quality products and honest service in the domestic market competition, large outstanding enterprises gradually become close partners , Dongguan group Prudential expect everyone's attention !


    The whole project hardware configuration requirements :

Generator: Three 500KW generators Britain Domon

Generator control system : 3 sets of forces LIXISE LXC6310 generator controller , 3 EG2000 generator governor , 3 VR6 generators call platen.


    After signing the contract delivery finished the day down payment , we will send engineers to the site to help vehicle installation and commissioning as well as to solve some other problems.

     At the same time we have to leave the unit operating the master site operations and the associated routine generator maintenance services


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