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MX321 Generator AVR(BLUE)

MX321 Generator AVR(BLUE)

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  •       MX321 3 Phase Sensing Permanent Magnet Generator type voltage regulator is a compatible replacement for Newage Stamford Mx321....

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Product description:
MX321 is a three phase sensed AVR for a brush-less generator.  It uses the British WELLWIN glass glaze resistor, and can work at more than 200 degrees of high temperature; American BOURNS potentiometer, smooth adjustment, not easily damaged; 100 % import of original IC; The resistance produced by the state-owned military factory, has high accuracy, wide range operating temperature, and good drift stability. The largest film capacitor manufacturer in China, Xiamen Farah capacitor, has good consistency of parameters and high reliability.

Main features:
1、Voltage regulation < ±0.5% RMS
2、For use in parallel operation
3、RAMP, DIP, DWELL, DROOP, RMS, U/F, Over Voltage & Over Excitation Adjustment Functions
4、Over Exc. / Over Volt. & UFRO LED indicators
5、Maximum. Current limiting function

AVR adjustment ( adjusted at the factory , the user only when necessary, adjusted as follows ) :

   A voltage regulator such as the output voltage does not match the voltage adjustment potentiometer clockwise , the output voltage increases ; and vice versa .

2 frequency setting the engine speed adjusted 47HZ, UFRO potentiometer counterclockwise rotation , so that the indicator light-emitting diodes , can be transferred back to the engine speed .

3 overcurrent less excited at the rated power of the generator , the rotating field trip potentiometer counterclockwise , so that the indicator light-emitting diodes , and then rotated about 5 degrees to shun .

4 counterclockwise rotation overvoltage overvoltage adjustment potentiometer , so that the indicator light-emitting diodes , and then rotated clockwise about 5 degrees.

The definition of the different colors :

1 This is the meaning of three colors : red for Stanford 's early products , the use of capacitor WIMA, the quality is very good. Blue indicates the latter product , capacitor EPCOS, the quality is also good . Gray is the last two years before that , the capacitance of AV, and the packaging is different.

2 vary the capacitance , the price is different

3 Although prices vary , but the quality is the same. But some maintenance staff always feel better in red , red is also the most expensive .


Operating voltage range: 150 ~ 265 V 

The maximum current is: 6A 

DROOP: Set pressure decreased 5% (PF = 0) TRIM:. Optimize voltage correction sensitivity EXC TRIP:. Set too exciting trip point. 

                                                        DIP: adjust the voltage / frequency scaling DWELL:. Settings to the time / frequency ratio of I / LIMIT:.. Setting the stator current output limit OVER / V: Set over voltage trip point. 

                                                        RAMP: Set during no-load voltage slowly rise time RMS:. Rms value of the generator set. 

Highlight special features / characteristics adjustment knob: VOLT: adjust the voltage STAB:. Adjustment stability UFRO:. Adjust frequency protection turning point.

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