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MX341 Geneartor AVR(BLUE)

MX341 Geneartor AVR(BLUE)

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  • Type:     MX341(BLUE)
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  •       MX341 Permanent Magnet Generator type voltage regulator is a compatible replacement for Newage Stamford Mx341. There PMG used in AC permanent magnet machines UC, HC, LV series generator....

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Product description:

This is AVR MX341 in blue color,This is the color that most customers specify, the function and quality are the same as gray and red.The components used in it are all imported, or domestic famous brands.The LIXiSE AVR has better stability ,and can work at up to 85 degrees. The normal AVR has a voltage drift of more than 5% at 85 degrees. Our company's AVR drift does not exceed 1.5%, reaching military standards.

Main features:

1、Voltage regulation < ±1%

2、For use in parallel operation

3、Adjustable EXC TRIP, DIP, TRIM & DROOP functions

4、Soft start voltage ramping

5、Under frequency roll Off protection

6、UFRO & over excitation LED indicators

7、MX341 self excited brushless type genset voltage regulator with sensing input from 90 to 520VAC is a compatible replacement for Newage Stamford SX440 regulator.

8、the selling point : DROOP and machines, auxiliary input , over-excitation voltage protection.

AVR adjustment ( adjusted at the factory , the user only when necessary, adjusted as follows ) :

1、the output voltage of the voltage regulator such as inconsistent voltage adjustment potentiometer clockwise , the output voltage increases ; and vice versa .

2、the frequency setting of the engine speed adjusted 47HZ, UFRO potentiometer counterclockwise rotation , so that the indicator light-emitting diodes , can be transferred back to the engine speed .

3、 overcurrent less excited at the rated power of the generator , the rotating field trip potentiometer counterclockwise , so that the indicator light-emitting diodes , and then rotated about 5 degrees to shun .

4、overvoltage counterclockwise rotation overvoltage adjustment potentiometer , so that the indicator light-emitting diodes , and then rotated clockwise about 5 degrees.

The definition of the different colors :

1、 which is the meaning of three colors : red for Stanford 's early products , the use of capacitor WIMA, the quality is very good. Blue indicates the latter product , capacitor EPCOS, the quality is also good . Gray is the last two years before that , the capacitance of AV, and the packaging is different.

2、due to different capacitance , the price is different.

3、 although prices vary , but the quality is the same. But some maintenance staff always feel better in red , red is also the most expensive .


Power input : 170-220V AC, 3-phase 3A (PMG) 

Sensors detect : 170-250 V AC single phase 

Output: voltage:  120VDC (maximum) 

             Current:  3.7A (continuous) ,6A/10S (instantaneous) 

Protection:  Built-in low-speed, over-excited, LAM, 

Adjusted rate:  better than 1% (for brushless generator)


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