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2013 Dongguan Tuanchneng kicked off the first friendly match

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Time: April 20, 2013
Location: Mission Cheng entertainment room
Weather : blue skies
Referee: Yan Lei \ Hu Guang Jin
Scoring : Yu Shina \ Fu Xiaoyun
Statistics : Wang Xia
Photo : Lishuang Li
MV shooting: Zhu Jiangnan

   " Strike, strike ," April 20 afternoon, the group Cheng tennis tournament scene ever heard bursts of applause , stadium atmosphere warm , enthusiastic contestants and the audience , to bring you to fully enjoy the sport of passion. The competition for the company 's employees staging a thrilling scene , let everyone enjoy the visual feast in a field of sport , but also demonstrating the group Prudential employees healthy and happy , positive, tenacious style.
     All employees went to the site , the participating members in place, the other employees not participating waiting when the audience firmly carry out refueling. The staff actively division of labor .
     The game is about to begin , the partners have already intend to try , and see these people posture
    Sitting on the board under the Ministry of Wang Xia is our business , responsible for the score, the game today, they came by the score Oh !

      To be fair friendship contestants take considerable strength divided into three groups , the first group ( Yan Lei , Li industry praise , Li Jun , Tseng Yung-chuan , Peng Hongying , Huang study period, Zhou Qin , Tang Lang ) , the second group ( Qiugui Bin , Zhao Zhijun , Li , more Chuan Chiang , Fan Guohong , Lishuang Li , Li Yunnan , Zhen Fei ) , and the third group ( Hu Guang Jin , Li Guodong , Zhu Jiangnan , Xugui Zhong , Liu Jin can , LIU Sau Lai , Zou Lihong , Wang Xia ) . Competition is divided into three innings : singles, doubles , mixed fight, five three wins each round , groups integral manner ( singles ) wins a party +1 points, losers -1 points ( double , mixed fight ) each party wins +1 points, losers -1 points per person. This approach is inspired everyone's enthusiasm. In the course of the game each team using different tactics , assigned personnel , the serve, the ball skills and other projects, to each other, the battle of wits . Contestants seriously dedicated, wonderful scene jumping.
     The official start of the race , the first appearance of the men's singles tournament :
       Small Li a light tone ball , being careful Zhaoxiong accept each other's strong offensive .
     Xiao Zhu see this posture, is ready to send a rotating ball , a move rule enemy .
     Men's singles gold VS Qiugui Bin Hu Guang , I saw them in high spirits , eyed , changing tactics , style of sharp , strong and committed spiking , an opportunity will be decisive attack aimed at the final 3-0 victory over Qiugui Bin Hu Guang gold .
     First inning singles , women 's singles final of the entire project to a climax, the scene voices.
    The second game , the first men's doubles .
    Second inning doubles final , Li industry praise , Yan Lei VS Qiugui Bin , Zhao Zhijun , changing many of their ball method , sometimes Penhold , horizontal position , spiking , spinning ball , curve ball and so got eleven reflected scene " cheering , " cheers , cheers continued, often heard throughout the building. Through intense fighting, Qiugui Bin , Zhao Zhijun 3-2 victory over Li industry praise , Yan Lei .
      The third game is played coed
      Mixing of men and women playing the third game , saying: men and women with work not tired . The Board is constantly exciting ah ! Zhen Fei, Qiugui Bin Huang idea of VS , Hu Guang Jin , their calm, strong ball , sometimes using fierce killing the ball , sometimes with rotating ball. Their skills also drew bursts of shouting colleagues , after some fierce fighting , Zhen Fei, Qiugui Bin Huang Nian 3-1 victory over the period , Hu Guang gold ......
     After three hours incentive to compete . Selected the first, second , third team award .
Third  Team  prize
Runner-up Team  prize

Champion Team prize
     The whole game lasted more than three hours , and finally the closing ceremony. Team Statistics : The first group ( plot -2 points ) , the second group ( 6 points ) , and the third group ( plot -4 points ) . Obviously , the first groups of the second group .
      All team leaders were award ( gifts and medals ) , the teams receive for the team to win victories ( prizes ) are jubilant to pictures taken and witness signatures on the team medals. For the team to win glory for the sport proud.
      The table tennis tournament , to show employees charisma , promote exchanges between employees , the company effective organizational skills honed various groups , according to the company's corporate culture, the company will hold a sporting event like this every year , through our firm will be able to carry out activities to promote employees to develop good exercise habits, healthy lifestyle .
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