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2013 Mission Dongguan Tuancheng annual tourism - Shanwei tri

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September 25, 2013 ushered in a group of Prudential's long-awaited all year tourist destination of our trip is the scenic coastal city - Shanwei. Although the hot summer weather, but we can stop the heart surging.

We feel joy, Shanwei together embarked on a beautiful journey.

Mountains, green water, waterfalls, and hotties sweet smile, leaving the most beautiful moments.

There was a thick brim waterfalls, never seems to be a horse breaks a long silvery silk, upside down from the sky woman weaving machine, very beautiful, four beautiful women to stop a classic photo.

The suspension bridge over the stimulus, they did not forget to a photo.

We strive to advance to the Lotus Peak.

Lotus Mountain scenic views, panoramic view.

Look, Xiao Zhu buried so happy.

This most to the force, the company's slugger who.

There is no feeling like a monk mentoring four

The endless sea, so spectacular and beautiful.

Two beautiful photo with the company, Liu Qing you really happy!

Finally, a highlights show Oh!

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