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Dongguan Tuancheng sets the annual staff birthday

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      "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you ......", accompanied by the familiar birthday song, more than a dozen "birthday" who cut together a large well-ordered cake, suddenly, enthusiastic applause, a picture of the young in each other's face broadened into a smile ...... blessings 
       This warm and touching scene took place in the company conference room the morning, it is our birthday in January as staff held a collective birthday. In order to strengthen corporate culture, enhance the friendship between employees feelings and work together to build a harmonious friendship, unity, and progress of the team, hold birthday parties every month for employees has become a traditional company. 
       Birthday brief but warm, everyone from every birthday "birthday" who sent a sincere wishes. We taste the sweet cakes and fresh fruit, to share the joy of birth, feeling the warmth of home. Company kindness of employees, so that employees enhance the sense of belonging, but also enhance mutual communication and understanding.

January staff birthday

February staff birthday

March staff birthday

April staff birthday

May staff birthday

June staff birthday

Aug. staff birthday
        From the beginning of August, the end of each month birthday colleagues together in the early session to send a beautiful, elaborate birthday gifts and cards, and send best birthday wishes. The staff is really as a person, company carefully done for us bit by bit, so that all employees moved.

Oct. staff birthday

November staff birthday
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