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Expand training Shijie Pearl Island

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     Year 2 November 2013 On this day, for each member of our group-company, is a lifelong memorable significance of the day. Companies participating in the development of collective training Shijie Pearl Island. Here we share with bits and pieces of this expansion.

      For this "devil's expanding training" With all their different mood, some people nervous, some fear, some people full of joy, there are some people looking forward to, especially previously had participated in such training to expand colleagues. We ride to reach the destination - Shijie Pearl Island collective. The first link is to spend five minutes to put the whole fan service. We had a lazy temperament, immediately tense up, feel the next training is brutal, hard.

       We took a walk to the tense mood training camp. We did a discipline coach, and soon we had to pull into a lazy state of highly focused state of mind. Let us then coach reported by three rows of columns 2, 3, randomly selected three teams. Then you officially formed three teams. Just give us 15 minutes, elected captain, team name, slogan, and team song. Time is very short, in such a short time to require each team to discuss it, which requires a high degree of team spirit and team wise, the most critical is the need for someone dares to play. 15 minutes later, three teams have basically out. They are: Hawks hero team, the Eagle team.

       The first project to expand into a " flop game" before playing this game , the coach gave us five minutes . Understand the rules of the game is good , and to develop scientific programs .
       Rules of the game : 1 , three teams PK, the number is 13-14 people per team . 2 , from 1 to 13 digits 13 cards. 3 , three groups of cards in the same starting position . 4 , may be uncertain licensing arrangement pattern , digital brand position is arbitrary disrupted covered.
5, the vertical arrangement of three teams who , by the first person to go to the flop , flop only once chance to turn their own cards , you can open and not require in-situ back cover , turn after the finish needs , back to the queue , and with the players behind you clap , and may pass cards arranged in the shape of what you see and what you flop the numbers are . 6 , is to start with a flop start looking , others by analogy , the 13 pulls out all the cards in the order , which pulls the first team to win .
       " Flop game" rules seem simple, but profound implication hang on , let me benefit. I learned from a small part of insight to share with you :
       1 , the team needs a capable , cohesive , intelligent leader, we can quickly unify the ideas and methods . 2, a good way to develop leaders or rules , we need a high degree of execution. 3 , strain encountered unexpected events ( eg , when the second round of the flop cards arranged pattern has been more variable , the first leader of the team the need for timely feedback , and can make timely adjustment programs ) . 4 , the team will not ideological unity , the effect of its implementation even as an individual, if the team with the third set of the heart , the effect is multiplied effect.

        The second morning of the game "passing numbers game", this should be a lot of people have played the game, we should have a good mental preparation. Rules of the game: 1,3 officers sit down vertical arrangement, 2, by the coach (supervisor) to write data, to the final delivery of sub-surface players to the first team, in the middle can not speak, even if violations lose. 3, the delivery time is 5 minutes. After the passing of each group, raise their hands, the results to the coach (supervisor). 4, in which the team spent the shortest time, write the correct result for the win. 
         Game experience sharing points: 1, the team needs to unify thinking, goals. 2, with a high degree of execution. 3, requires a scientific approach. 4, fully believe his teammates.

     Play two games on the morning of summarizing the project to share the moment, we send a team in each group spontaneously share what we have learned, inspired feelings, and knowledge. Eagle Team is Zhang  Xiu Lin behalf, on behalf of the Hawks are sharing Huang Jian, Hu Guang behalf hero team gold, Three have done a very wonderful summary to share.

  Morning photo after the event
         The first afternoon expansion project is " over obstacles net ." Rules of the game : 1 , all my colleagues on the side of the cable . 2 , will everyone think of ways from a small network port through to the other side of the cable . 3, can not touch around the rope , hit the rope even illegal , the use of the method is not limited. 4 , elected captain of the entire team . 5 , we have 20 times the chance violations , violations of more than 20 times after the team captain began penalties , 1 two organs lying brace , 2 times 4 , in order to support progression increments the number of organs lying .
          Coaches also given 15 minutes of time for everyone to discuss , elected team captain, to develop a method to go through . Hsiao Chiu from high courageously became a captain of our team , then we will discuss methods. The method is: first sending twenty-three boys in the past , they first pick in the past but fortunately the opposite , then the girls get past first . The method we have developed very well.
          At first we did not do things carefully enough , with not very place , in front of people who will soon send up to 15 times illegal , Hai Ba coach also tune narrow network port , which pressure on the back of our growing, began to realize that the situation is grim. Began to stop and think about the problem is not a method . The coach did not give us much time , we continue to give it away , then again it was illegal , and soon run out of 20 times the number of violations . This time we began to realize that the crisis , and there are 19 people when we do not have in the past , means that we can not have people behind any violations, violations punished once is our captain. Then we send a very careful , everyone's heart all unite together, but there are not careful, once every violation , the captain will be punished , we see the captain , because his teammates accidentally been so harsh punishment , many girls cried , with a deep sense of being captain . Everyone with a high degree of concentration, and a perfect fit , and finally sent nine people , no one violation. Then will probably think, if we had started this awareness and understanding, we will not let something as captain for us to bear the pain .
         We have to reflect , not just the captain of our own parents? Shelter in the house for us , as we suffer too much, give love how great and selfless Yeah !
          In addition to the captain, the whole rest of us finally came, in principle, this game is no solution, that is, while there is only one person who is the last remaining one had not come. Coach gave us a problem, he came up with two results, either leave our team, to leave, we need to re-do it again. Finally, we are required to use their own heartfelt call to save the captain left, moving coach, two coaches to help us get over the captain. At first, we might not have had the anti-God, there may be some people think it is has nothing to do with the mentality of the coach through attunement, we slowly came to realize, the captain is our own parents as the most pro-as. We use the most sense hysterical cries, call the captain back, cries touched everyone. Then the coach agreed to help us put the captain took. 
           Game experience sharing points: 1, things do not need to trace the sentence. 2, the team needs to unite as one. 3, mutual help, 4, to be grateful.


The second afternoon expansion project is "victory wall", "Victory Wall" This project is a game from West Point in West Point graduate students are required to complete this game project. The picture is a coach teaching us safety awareness, as well as methods. 
Rules of the game: 1, the wall height is 3.9 meters. 2, everyone can not borrow what tools will climb from below, can only rely on human hands and feet will be sent to the owner. 3, the need to elect a ladder (there are ladders, auxiliary ladder). 4, can not issue a voice conversation, even if only someone speak violations, require everyone to start again. 5, the target is expected to be completed 20 minutes. 
        After the coach through safety awareness and prevention rules introduced Rex Chang from high courageously when the captain elected 2 Team Ladder (Liu Liu Jiang Bundesliga), auxiliary ladder (more Chuan Jiang, Fan Guohong) 4 individuals.

           To pm, everyone's stronger sense of team, we help each other, support each other, we feel that a real person, one mind to make one, very quickly into the best condition. However, there are no small voice of my colleagues sent a voice. Violations, and it begins again. We will soon have a steady delivery of pacing, etc. sent to the owner, we only took 15 minutes to complete. Expected to be completed in advance. Feeling increasingly rapid progress of our team. 
          Game experience sharing points: 1, not afraid of difficulties, the courage to challenge and fight. 2, the courage to act, and selfless dedication. 3, solidarity. 4, learn to be grateful.

         Night is the last game project - game over obstacles. Rules of the game: 1, divided into three groups teammates, the captain elected to lead the way and a helping of each team. 2, all the other players to cover his eyes. 3, can not speak. 4, we hand in hand, there are obstacles to the outdoors to find places to walk around. 
         Game experience sharing points: 1, feel the frustrations of life, learn to cherish. 2, led parents feel when we walk, a great experience again the selfless love of parents. 3, so that the inner world of peace, to be baptized soul. 4, help each other, full of Balmy love.

Events took pictures all over

Summary: After a day of joy and intense expansion of training, so that every member of our group are sincere benefited learned many things outside of the game and inspiration, really feel the strength of the team, who's sublime, home warm, always embodied, each person has been sublimated from the heart.

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