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2013 Dongguan Business Alliance Forum network operators and

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Organizers : Dongguan Dongcheng network operators ShangMeng governing region

Assist parties : Dongguan Alibaba Sesame agencies
                            Dongguan expand all institutions
Time: December 12, 2013
Location: Town, Dongguan market pits Canton Garden
Dongguan network operators ShangMeng Description:
   Some people say that the 21st century is the era of knowledge economy , we have nothing to deny that , but I also want to say that the era of the 21st century, but also the network economy ! The most typical representative of the so-called network economy , the economy is the direct producers and consumers to meet directly , while the economy is the direct e-commerce ! As the network , we can easily come together ; due to a network , we can use the mouse to click on our needs at the same time ; due to network , we at the same time on the same platform , using the mouse and keyboard conveying our supply ; due to network , gave birth to a group of group of passionate , vibrant network operators .
   In 2008, the winter comes, the economic crisis on world-class Chinese economy to boiling pot of cold water poured cool , we rely on the fruits of decades of fat , we quietly through. In 2011, a crisis breaks out, when once the U.S. economy is no longer soaring eagle ; when Europe began to no longer have a leisurely relaxed ; gold when the gold credit card is no longer there when people finally understand that once the economy has quietly fade out our form sight , when the world colds, coughs China , we found , in fact, the world is already a network, and this network will dominate our future. Thus, in Dongguan, Alibaba grassroots advocacy group network operators who sit together , our first idea is that we want to hold together for warmth in the winter ! Thus , honesty, cooperation, innovation , sharing and thanksgiving which we put on the discussion board ! We begin to understand that in such a market environment, deepen collaborative relationships between network operators increasingly necessary to allow network operators increasingly diversified development path , so network operators continued internationalization, integration, information technology is we face competition from Chinese e-commerce businesses the widest and deepest and fastest way .
    Then set up a good faith , cooperation, innovation, sharing ideas and gratitude for the organization's leading voices have emerged, Dongguan Business Alliance network operators struggling out of its infancy , issued the first sound crisp cry on November 22, 2011 . Dongguan network operators by the Business Alliance is a voluntary business owners , who formed a regional , integrated , non-profit community groups . Dongguan network operators established business alliance 's mission aims to build through Alibaba and interactive platform for network operators to provide mutual visits between network operators , communication, research, discussion , sharing, training, and resource sharing.
Dongguan network operators ShangMeng mission: to integrate network operators resources to promote and grow together !
Dongguan network operators ShangMeng vision: to make the world's most influential business alliance , allowing the creation of world-renowned Dongguan !
Network operators Dongguan Business League values: integrity, collaboration , innovation , sharing, gratitude
Dongguan network operators Conduct Business League :
                 Integrity, magnanimous deeds , they seem ;
                 Dare to admonish outspoken words, and evidence , is justified ;
                 Dare to play , rectifies it , selfless pointless ;
                 Solidarity, self-denial guest, seeking common ground ;
                 Good faith cooperation, innovation sharing, be grateful .


    December 12, Dongguan Business Alliance Forum network operators and the Second Trade and Competition in Dongguan, Dongguan market pits the town of Canton Garden held in Dongguan network business friends together to join this rare event.

The staff at Commercial Union to participate in the ceremony site layout.

Three choral groups from the group at the Prudential Business League awards ceremony live singing the song "Believe in yourself."

Company leaders - was born in the award ceremony to accept flowers

Company leaders - was born at the ceremony, members of a group photo with Commercial Union

The awards ceremony a success, Commercial Union flag and surrender all members posed for the next awards ceremony organized by the organizing committee.


       First, from December 9, 2013 to begin the second session of the Chamber of Commerce network related preparatory meetings to discuss , our business alliance network operators as a member of the Organizing Committee , calendar line duties , as do the network operators tournament awards Eli try to do our assignment related work , and a good business alliance to help improve the company of other members of other related issues , reflecting a pro- business alliance solidarity , fraternity spirit.
      Second, when the end of the meeting together to discuss how the performance characteristics of the event with other members of the business alliance , how to create video from the desired presentation and related activities to practice the scene , I Division, as a member of a very fortunate business alliance commitments the work of the technical group mainly active video , PPT production, because the video of this award as a very important event presentation form , after the overall planning of activities and related performance requirements, time is very tight case ( 12,9 days before known issues related to the preparation of this ceremony , held on 12 and 12 June ) , from data collection , and analysis of the actual situation and ultimately make a more satisfactory results. Although there were working overtime , but it feels very fulfilling , meaningful , fully embodies our attention on the strength of the event and the team.
      Third, the awards ceremony also actively participated in the Division I sang the song " Believe in yourself ," Foreign good publicity for the company's emphasis on culture ; emphasis on activities. In particular it is worth commending the staff singing group , independent of their spare time by singing at night , the team showed good strength and dedication !

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