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2013 Christmas networking party activities

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       December 25, 2013, marching bells quiet Christmas Eve, we have ushered in a peaceful Christmas, joy mood, we are about to usher in the new year. We hit the river with hardware, Wanda jewelry, jointly organized by the three companies together Christmas Fellowship activities. 
      At this moment, let us bless treasure in the heart, feelings of Christmas bring you this extraordinary moment. Because together, let us share this happy time, because the joy of Christmas let us carry endless blessings. Here with us into the night scene .....

2013 Christmas party arranged networking site

Participants arrived at the scene after another, our sound engineer and behind the operator is in final commissioning.

The party officially began, the host

Evening, the company leadership - had raw (left) and Chong River Hardware - Dai total (second from right) took the floor

Party started, the first link is wonderful participants introduce themselves

Followed by three groups of men and women love song duet

Be the first party games - table tennis clip

Evening proceed to the second game - the heart have

The Pig rear Wife game

December birthdays together on the staff Christmas Fellowship birthday

The fraternity successful conclusion of collective pictures!
       Summary: By Christmas networking party, enhance everyone's feelings, but also to create a good team spirit up, deeply felt the sincere warmth of our group. Meanwhile, we are also happy atmosphere activities cultivate our spiritual beauty. And make more new friends, really happy with the harvest coexist. Looking forward to the next networking party, in this sincerely wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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