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Business and Engineering Shuilianshan Tour

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    December 27, the weather was quite nice, good weather for outdoor climbing, all my colleagues in the company's largest business group organization to Dongguan Shuilianshan Forest Park climbing together.

In the build-up in the ranks ...

We feel joy toward the destination "Shuilianshan Forest Park" advance!

Dongguan TuanCheng  one family, in the foothills photo.

          After a short climb we are involved, we came to the water showering Shanxi Temple, where beautiful scenery, very spacious and open, we decided to take a break, ready to do today's first game - "throw hand Juan game." This game is the most common childhood children play, the most fun game. In the game, we laugh, joy, catching everyone to enjoy the pleasures of the game to bring you the fun. What also seems to find a childhood pure childlike. While we appreciate the team's cohesion in happiness. 
         Rules of the game are: children sitting in a circle on the ground, face down inside, along with singing "Diushou Juan" game song, a child holding a handkerchief to run in circles. She quietly behind the handkerchief children, and then immediately run away. Children sitting on the ground found a handkerchief to hurry to catch that put the children, the children catch up to stand in the middle circle performing a program, and then continue to play the game Diushou Juan.

      Then we continue to advance up the hill, the boys helped get something, camaraderie, entertainment Wyatt in the climb step by step. Look, "Xiao Zhu Liu also playing with the running game." Enjoyable.

Pictures of mountains

We came to the mountain a pavilion, a short rest, ready to eat dry food, good recuperate, watching everyone eat more happy.

      After nearly three hours of climbing involved, our team finally arrived at the summit. We feel immense joy! Can not help but pick up the phone, posing for pictures. Some of my colleagues can not wait to climb the tower on top of the hill, with sweeping views of Shuilianshan views.

What a happy time always flies so quickly, the time elapsed rang afternoon, we began to return, embarked down the hill to another destination.

        Arrived at the foot of a pavilion, we are ready to prepare to play the second game - "Three leggings run game."
        Rules of the game: 1, threesomes, a combination of the two fields and a daughter. 2, before issuing the order, each team stand by the horizontal starting line, respectively, adjacent players left and right legs tied together by tying (tied around the ankle). 3, all the players standing way to start, after hearing issuing the order, and walk or run to the end, the last team to cross the finish line for the timing terminated. Position before the column with less time. 4, the road adjacent to the players legs throughout all leggings wire for use together, in case of loss, need in order to continue the road to re-fasten in place, otherwise the results invalid. If players fall halfway there, until well after finishing.

         This game is the ability to collaborate test team, we need ideological unity, mutual trust, in unison completed.

         Activities Summary: The mountain, in addition to physical health of the body, will be more tempered, open-minded. Climbing, to climb step by step, like a ladder to climb the stairs as the venue of a ladder, climb up to go after, and sometimes go down step by step, really hard. But when you climb to the top, when you conquer a mountain and a mountain, you will feel very excited, happy and satisfied. "Castle were not old worn out, the scenery here is fine." Make you feel after a tough climb to reach the pinnacle of the unique realm and fun. 
         Our way of climbing, insert a lot of fun games, everyone can enjoy the game from not only bring us joy, but also let us learn a lot and inspiration, especially the "three leggings run game," so I greatly benefited shallow, this game should get good grades, you need every member in unison, more importantly, the needs of each member of the Society not give up, do not abandon, carefully adhere to the completion of the goal, which is victory.

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