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The third annual basketball game exciting show

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On the afternoon of July 5, ticket, dongguan tuancheng automation equipment co., LTD in skagway industrial park launched a special basketball friendly match.Dongguan cheng to enrich industry enterprise culture, to enrich employees amateur life, development of basketball fans at the same time, organized by ministry of personnel the dongguan group is the third annual basketball game.

Game on the afternoon of the hot weather, but all members of the enthusiasm, two cheerleading is to force, especially in the last half an hour in the second half, both sides score, it difficult points, events into stalemate.The result of the match, "cheetah" team to 3 points of nose "eagle" team.

"Cheetah" team members is: Zhu Jiangna, hong-yu zhu, the first white jasmines), the bundesliga, jiang Wu Guanqing, Liu Qingliu, Liao Jin can

"The eagle" team members is: jia-hao liu, xugong, YanLei, Huang Xiaozhan, jiang chuan, Deng Xin

Throughout the tournament, it can be said that surprises, fascinating.

"Eagle" team in the first half with as the obvious advantages of victory "cheetah" team."The eagle" team the entire team looks well trained, layout rigorous, from the offensive to the defensive move slowly, "cheetah" team have tried to break through all failed, seeing was failure to decide.

After entering the second half, the situation suddenly reversed.Has been injured at the beginning of the start of "cheetah" xiao jie xi as a dark horse popped up, see his sprint, ball, decisive shoot quickly and accurately, for "cheetah" bonus points.As the veteran Liao Jin can join, suddenly perked up the entire team, the team morale, attack, defense, interception, carry, all spare no effort, in the end, just to lose ten points to rob back.The score finally, flattening, buzzing field, two teams of cheerleaders also started to fight, the drums, the cries a wave over a sea, the entire field to a climax.

In the event, cheerleaders force to be reckoned with."The eagle" cheerleading chants stately, greatly encouraged the "eagle" the morale of the players."Cheetah" cheerleading is not to be outdone in the second half.

Thus, failure is not terrible, terrible is to lose the courage to continue fighting.Have the courage, can plow, surmount every difficulty;Have the courage, can defeat, pick up the slack.

The basketball game, reveal the regiment shing company unity, cooperation and win-win corporate culture, embodies the regiment if people dare to struggle, scaling new heights in the strong will to fight, shows the mass of honest people are not afraid of sacrifice, the race to the top of team spirit.

As Liu Qingliu said in his acceptance speech, playing basketball the most is the team spirit and will of faith, there is no such highly cooperate spirit and triumphalism is difficult to win.

Group of friends, you are good!

Preparation:With "cheetah" team"The eagle" team official march

The official start of the game: both teams team leap, MaoJin to clap, earnest.

Jia-hao liu of the "cheetah" team once again steals, throughout the game at least 10 steals, can be called "steals", performance is very good, to"Cheetah" team armband.

"Cheetah" in the first half the team cooperate with very tacit understanding, scoring, played"Cheetah" teams by surprise.

"Cheetah" in the second half team behind "the eagle" by a large margin,"Cheetah" teamXiao jie yukon xi was complex, hurt morale more astonishing, fell more yong, a play forFour goals "cheetah" team, will slowly tied the score, for"Cheetah" team won the game.

In the second halfCountered, "cheetah" team captain Liu Qingliu a light jump shooting score, the score finally"The eagle" team.

In the second half of the score has been in the gap between 2-3 minutes,"Cheetah" team has been hard to suppress the tiny each other.The game is finally over,"Cheetah" team with 47 than 45 points, 2 points by "the eagle" team.

"Cheetah" all teammatesThe winning team group

Through the staff to vote,Jie) xi won the"The prize of excellent basketball star”

Summary:The basketball match is very wonderful, typed honestly endeavoring spirit human solidarity, deepened our friendship.No entry personnel doing logistics work, and to form the two teams cheerleading, thunder drum cheer, full participation, fully embodies the sincere one regiment of unity and endeavoring, don't abandon don't give up, help each other, love, gratitude spirit of enterprise.Looking forward to the next basketball match is also wonderful!

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