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Dongguan tuancheng automation equipment co., LTD., with two big intelligent product appearance in 2015 Shanghai international power exhibition

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On May 13, 2015 - May 14, dongguan tuancheng automation equipment co., LTD., with two products at the 2015 Shanghai international power exhibition, as the leader of generator intelligence information,Dongguan tuancheng automation equipment co., LTD(booth no. : 5 t062) the exhibition to promote more intelligent product, especially Generator remote monitoring management systemDigital AVR Series of products by customers at home and abroad, to visit my booth sentiment full, there are many customers right away and we signed a cooperation agreement with the order.Spoke highly of our products are ahead in the development of the industry, fully explain our product innovation in science and technology, application and technology is the industry leader in solution.

About intelligent products

A,generator remote monitoring management

Drag force ksetra-ksetrajna remote monitoring system has a fixed and type two kinds, is through the 2 g, 3 g, 4 g networks will be generators connected to the Internet, allowing users to anywhere at any time through the computer, mobile phone remote management generators.

LIXISE remote monitoring has 9 big advantage:

1. Centralized management of the generator, the generator manual checking into server automatically checking;

2.300 site only need to scan for 5 minutes, efficient operation Reduce the cost.

3. The records of automatic tracking storage generator power, user can understand the usage of generator at any time.

4. Automatic tracking storage generator fault record, to provide users with failure details data, provide data support for maintenance.

5. Through the real-time alarm monitoring platform, and provide the current list of generator in a police state, users can be targeted treatment is alarm generator.

6. The generator positioning, the user can understand at any time to the location of the generator on the map, and the system will record the trajectories of generator.

7. Oil monitoring: through remote, a key monitoring easily stolen oil spill, and so on and so forth

8. Efficient maintenance: unmanned, automatic fault detection alarm, 2-3 people 1 to 2 hours a day, easy management, 500 generator,

9. Computer phone multi-platform manipulation.

The core technology: comparing domestic and foreign counterparts products, ksetra-ksetrajna wireless data transmission is more stable and reliable.So we applied for 5 patents: optimize the communication protocol for transmission, the unstable signal how reliable transmission, rapid inspection technology, etc.

Second, the digital AVR - DVR116

By generator as a power source era has gradually in the past, the time has come for a nonlinear load, ksetra-ksetrajna pioneered the high reliable digital AVR, for you to solve the problem of voltage change of the nonlinear loads,

1. Fast Fourier algorithm of RMS, filter out harmonic interference, ensure the nonlinear loads () waveform distortion of voltage accuracy;

2. 21 set of preset PID parameters, can be competent for all kinds of complicated application;

3. Up to nine protection function, let the generator more safe and reliable work

Article 4. 200 fault event records, each record keeping 12 parameters.To analyze the cause of the problem

5. Configuration data output interface, USB RS485. Can access networks to realize the remote control.

Three, smart charger - LBC2405D

Force ksetra-ksetrajna LBC2405DIntelligent battery chargerDesigned for engine starting operation of battery charging, charging more.A prefi lled, constant voltage, constant current, a trickle floating, full automatic stop, short circuit, reverse connection, battery temperature test and low temperature compensation, failure output, and other functions.


Program control sections of charging more: constant voltage, constant current, a trickle charge, full automatic stop, extend battery life by 30%;

In pieces with charging output contact failure, can be connected to the PLC, generator controller, etc., realize charging fault alarm;

In pieces with USB and RS232 interface, can connect the computer remote monitoring and configuration;

Mixer has the function of BOOST up voltage and temperature compensation;

LED stage of charging indication, let users understand the charging schedule;

High reliability:

Mixer has the perfect resistance to short circuit and reverse connect protection, when the battery capacity is very minimal (resistance), load short circuit, or the charger connect to the mains to charge battery at the same time to start the engine at the same time, still for the constant current output current without damage, so when the battery as the starting power supply at the same time, the charger can not adopt measures to disconnect.

Pieces can work properly in - 30 ~ 70 degrees;

In pieces charger over temperature protection function.When the internal temperature automatic protection, return to work after being cool.Ensure the safety of the charger and battery;

To prevent the batteries overheating, at the same time, according to the battery charging voltage, temperature compensation to avoid filling dissatisfaction or too full filling phenomenon;

The exhibition scene

Our company showroom guests an endless stream, sentiment roof

Engineers in demo generator mobile base station remote monitoring management for foreign clients

Project for clients using a mobile phone APP demo generator remote monitoring

Foreign customers in understanding the company's intelligent controller products, immediately purchase contract signed

Foreign customers promptly signed the order, with our staffA group photoAs a souvenir

Foreign customers promptly signed a cooperation agreement, and our staffA group photoAs a souvenir

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