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 One, the company provides customer service 

1 advisory services: users encounter any problems in the use of the process, can call free consultation telephone: 400-806-5266  consultation or login query.

2 replacement service: replacement period products, if because of the cause caused by quality problems, users can go to the dealer for free replacement (the appearance of damage, as the warranty processing).

3 warranty: warranty period of the product, if quality problems arise, the user to the local customer service service center to enjoy the warranty service; local non customer service service center, the user can be commissioned dealer warranty service.

4 repair service: repair period of the product, if quality problems arise, the user can go to the local customer service service center or authorized dealer for repair service.

Two, the user from the date of purchase, under normal circumstances if the product quality problems:

1 the replacement within three months, one year free warranty, three years repair co..

The 2 part damage free warranty for two years.

Be careful.

1 date of purchase to purchase invoice date (no purchase invoices to the production date).

2 no bar code, serial number of the product of this company is not responsible for customer service service obligation.

3 quality problems do not include subjective objection user personal sound, timbre etc..

4 Baohuan, warranty service only general use: all man-made damage (such as user to Chaiji, were not properly connected, power, access not appropriate voltage does not comply with the instructions and so on), damage, natural disasters and other force majeure, non repair the company recognized and modification are not in exchange, free warranty due to transportation and accident repair appropriate service charges.

5 on the discontinued products, services the company only functional repair (appearance may be related to the original products are different)

6 warranty does not cover shell, brochures, packaging

Three, request the service when you bring the warranty card and purchase invoice. Please keep the warranty card and purchase invoice. The warranty card shall not be altered, or invalid.

Four, use of this product, please read the manual carefully

(Note: the company reserves the right of final interpretation of the products after sale service regulations)


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