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Technical parameters:

Power input: 100-264 VAC

Detection input: voltage 380-480 VAC or 190-264 VAC

Single phase with jumper copper

Frequency 50/60 Hz is set by jumper copper

Output: 90 VDC maximum at 207 VAC input

The current is continuous 4A and discontinuous 6A within 10 seconds

Minimum resistance: 15 Ω

External voltage regulation: ± 7% with 1 K Ohms 1 Watt potentiometer

Slow voltage establishment time: 2 seconds

Voltage regulation rate:<± 1.5% (engine speed changes within 4%)

Voltage establishment: residual voltage above 5 VAC is required at AV R input terminal

Temperature difference stability: 0.02% voltage drift per ℃ change

Power consumption: max. 10 Watt

Low frequency protection: inflection point value: 95% Hz

Slope: 170% at 30 Hz

Size: 135mm L * 100mm W

Weight: 0.45KG ± 2%