Series model is an enhanced version of the original high-strength production performance of the company's CNC drilling and tapping machining center equipment, which can give full play to high environmental
     The company mainly produces the generator automatic voltage regulator, governor, start protection controller, ATS controller and power grid equipment such as the generator peripheral intelligent products. Excellent quality and perfect after sale service, over the years won the favor of customers and praise, the products have been exported toSoutheast Asia, the Middle East and other countries and regions, won the trust of customers!
On the marketing network
     The fierce competition of market economy, make each enterprises in strengthening the management of enterprises, improve the quality of products, and actively develop newproducts at the same time, the marketing work in an important position. The so-called marketing, is through the enterprise planning, creative, planning, continuously open markets, expand market share, increase the enterprise in the market, the occupation of the market. The establishment of marketing network, is the overall marketing in the market on the basis of.
      One, where there is a market, where it is necessary to establish a marketing network
The marketing network is a new form of direct marketing, according to the marketingtheory, the marketing network is the impulse of a direct marketing, it is traditional to promote their own products as the center mode, return to the new model emphasizes thecommunication of modern marketing theory.
     Two, the use of information technology, the establishment of e-commerce marketingnetworks
The knowledge economy and the advent of the information era, brought new development space for our marketing work. In the face of the development of the situation, to change the marketing concept, the establishment of the network marketing. Compared to thetraditional marketing, network marketing is mainly manifested in the following aspects:
    1, low cost. Network marketing can realize the direct interaction between the manufacturerand the final customer, no need to touch the traditional marketing in the marketing personnel, reduce intermediate links and intermediate cost. The last run customers, all over the country to find, only the travel is not a small number, now with the help ofelectronic commerce network, our sales and service center personnel, can receivecustomers at home, and have achieved good results in the bid, the cost of sales. The so-called "the competition", and actively adapt to the network needs, marketing systeminnovation, will win the opportunity in market competition!
    2, global. The connectivity of the network determines the transnational network marketing;network openness, determines the network marketing market worldwide. Prior to this, any kind of marketing concept and marketing, are looking for target customers in a certain range. And the network marketing, is to find the target customers in a borderless, open,global range.
Every year we want to sell one hundred thousand tons of steel to foreign customers, for many businesses, is a lifelong order study. That is to say through a survey, can understand the business scale, product oriented, business reputation of both sides. All products through the network contact after achieving orders. Marketing is not limited by space, which can greatly improve the marketing effect.
    3, service. Network marketing service can not be restricted by time, can provide a full range, the whole process, round the clock, using the network, the enterprise can provideservices to a large number of customers, which can greatly improve the efficiency of the service. Enterprise staff, can provide remote services to customers, to a large extent overcome geographical restrictions.
    4, the virtual. The network marketing to build such a network of virtual space, not in such a space, form the virtual market on its own, it is pleased with this, the network marketingto break the traditional marketing limitations, in a high speed development, in fact, not only for the network marketing, more important is effective for product promotion.
     Any enterprise is operating in a changing social and economic environment, is in line with other enterprises, customers and the public interaction in the development of marketing activities. With the development of economy and the deepening of the opening-up, a huge amount of changes in the external environment of the enterprise, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the enterprise must analyze the change trend of the market environment, good at capturing market opportunities, find and avoid environmental threat, timely adjustment of marketing strategy, in order to enable enterprises to remain invincible in the fierce market competition in the.
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